Podcast: Episode 85 – Wii U and ClayJam

We spend quite a lot of this week’s podcast talking about Nintendo’s new console. Specifically, we look at how it compares with the existing HD consoles and the services they provide. Then we talked about some of the games we’ve been playing on it. Lewis and Kev are both apathetic about it, with good reason, and Kris seems quite taken by it.

There wasn’t a lot of time for much else in the front half of the show but Kev and Lewis did take the opportunity to talk about ClayJam on iOS. It’s published by Zynga but developed by a couple of guys in Brighton and the entire game is created with plasticine models.

We had our usual quiz and answered some questions from our listeners before signing off.

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  1. Weren’t you on the podcast this time Peter? Or do you refuse to allow us peasents to follow/stalk you on twitter. :P Apparently, Kev did something that made Kris want to kill him.

    • I thought everyone who wanted to was already following me on Twitter by now.

      • New members may want to stalk you. ;)

  2. I had my first taste of sampling the Wii U at a Game store today. I played Rayman Legends with a mate whilst two of my other friends watched (needless to say they didn’t get a go lol, wasn’t enough time…). He used the gamepad to control the Green flying creature (forgot his name) and I used the Wiimote to control a Teensie. It was absolutely fantastic, with a feeling of co-op and teamwork I have rarely experienced in a game before. Having loved Rayman Origins, I instantly warmed to Legends brilliant art style and the overall feel of the game. It really felt good.

  3. And what time do you call this, hmmm? *taps watch*

  4. Good stuff lads, as usual. One fairly n00by question; can you explain exactly what analogue/digital means in terms of game pad buttons? You mentioned it when talking about the WiiU? Cheers!

    • Digital is on/off, so it’s a simple switch. Analogue buttons work like the triggers on PS3 and 360 controllers, so they have gradual degrees of being “on” and being “off”.

      So, you can use them for a little bit of acceleration in a racing game without jamming it on full power and spinning the wheels.

      For a long time, the PlayStation controller (I’m not sure about the 360) has had some degree of analogue in all of its main buttons. It knows how hard you hit the X button, for example.

      The Wii U’s GamePad is entirely digital, even the LZ and RZ buttons which are in the place of traditional “triggers”.

      • Ah yes. I suspected this was the case when you talked about driving games on WiiU potentially being a problem. Thanks for clearing that up boss!

    • I wonder what it will be like with a Pro controller

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