Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition Currently FREE On GoG

Duke Nukem 3D is one of the best first person shooters created, and the Atomic Edition – the biggest version of the game – is currently free on GOG.


Grabbing it is simple, the page is here, and even if you’ve not created an account it doesn’t take more than a minute. When we tried it just then it also added a load of other freebies to the basket, so it’s well worth doing. Duke Nukem is only about 35MB too.

The game’s been available on countless formats, but the PC original is still the best (and this download installs along with DOSBox, so worked first time on Windows 7) and this version also supports mods and comes with an extra episode at the end – seriously, if you’ve not played it before just get it.



  1. Ooh, nice. With the High Resolution Pack (hrp) graphics mod this is as great to play as it ever was.

    • This works with eDuke32 too. Download the game from GoG, grab the DUKE3D.GRP file and you’re good to go.

      • Where would you get these from and how would you install them? (PC noob so never installed game mods before haha)

      • @ G_The_Enemy14 Just head to http://hrp.duke4.net/ and it has all the instructions. It’s a complete redo so actually it’s more like installing the mod then pointing it to one file of the official game. Very easy

  2. Barely managed to download it due to me being near the data allowance limit. Have almost exceeded it now. :O I know for a fact it will run perfectly as this thing can play games from 95-early 2000s. Now if you excuse me, i’m off to chew gum, choke on it then kick arse.

  3. Bless, i have many many memories of this. I always felt that the weapons in this game were perfectly balanced actually, the progression of enemies versus new gun type was excellent (back when these things mattered).

  4. Tried the HRP. Ugh. No.

  5. Added it to my GoG account, didn’t realise how many free games I’ve collected from them!

  6. Damnit… Created an account because I saw Outcast and Little Big Adventure for 3$ each… Good thing Christmas is around the corner. I might even have some time to play those games.

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