SuperBot Likely Working On PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale 2

It looks like there’s a good chance SuperBot – creators of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – are working on a sequel. This isn’t exactly irregular in the industry, but sales of Battle Royale have been poor (and are only getting poorer) and nobody really expected Sony to greenlight another so quickly.

Regardless, it looks like – from two job adverts spotted by GAF (via EG) – they have, much to our surprise, despite our overwhelmingly positive 9/10 review.


The first is for an Art Director and the second Game Designer, and both point to things that would normally be found in a side-on multi IP brawler. Like, well, another Battle Royale. Case in point – the experience required for the latter role is “a near encyclopedic knowledge of modern games, with emphasis on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale” and “knowledge of fighting games, their systems and mechanics.”

Hopefully a sequel – if this is what this is – will expand the roster and bring in some of the tweaks players have asked for, although quite why this couldn’t be DLC (like the forthcoming Kat and Emmett pack) is anyone’s guess.

Unless it’s for PS4, of course.



  1. Well the studio was set up pretty much especially for All-Stars, so I can see them giving it at least another go. They could of course be just working on a green-light prototype for 2 to then pitch to Sony though, there’s nothing to say they’ve actually approved it yet.

  2. I’d quite like a fps with all the playstation characters set in their various worlds, our maybe a more open world third person action game so there was some more variety on the weaponry.

    No reason they can’t do a spiritual sequel. Brawlers aren’t the most popular of genres anymore.

    • I like your thinking, I would buy that as long as its in a killzone world dark & gritty

    • I doubt they’d do that after PlayStation Move Heroes tanked – that was a shooty-based third-person action mashup game.

      • It was very casual in its play and wasn’t even close to them most people thought they were making.

    • I’d rather have a Mario Party 2 clone.

  3. I welcome a sequel, I loved the simplicity of the game & enjoyed. It could be improved on making it more of a challenge & less repetitive & less of the mortal kombat character story rip off they could make the sequel awesome.

    • More challenge, less repetitive…

      What do these mean for a fighting game?

      • No the story was repetitive not the gameplay & there wasn’t any challenge in the game so I’m saying make it a challenge

      • The arcade mode story was poor, they should just have made it a simple tournament style thing. And show us a ladder, as there was no sense of progression until the last two fights.

  4. That’s good news! It’ll be for PS4 for sure, and it has the potential to be something awesome. I hope it’s still like three years off though. It shouldn’t be rushed.

  5. I hope its like Dissida this time….. *dreams on*

  6. But I really love this game :( Why all the love/hating! So annoying. Everyone needs to get drunk and wheel this out!

    • yeah i think this game is brilliant!still working out who i like best,ha!online is lag free which was a main worry!

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