News Snatch: Naked Women, Flying Hamsters And Sparkly Bits

Airborne Burrowing Mammal News: Game Atelier have resurrected The Flying Hamster HD for PS Vita. The game was originally announced for Sony’s handheld but then cancelled so I was rather surprised when they tweeted the game will be available from December 19th.”That’s why we call it the Christmas special surprise release,” said Game Atelier.

According to this gossip on Twitter the WB Games holiday party had “a dessert table with a mostly naked woman lying down on it and desserts on her.”

In case you had not guessed the rather large advertising banner at the top of the TSA for the past few days seems to have been hinting at a full blown PS3/Vita version of Futurelab’s Velocity. Huzzah!

FUSEInsomiac’s Ted Price has responded to criticisms regarding the cover art for Fuse. “Cutting off characters’ heads is not something you see in other game covers,” he told Joystiq – perhaps there is a reason for that Ted?

“I’m very clear on what the reaction has been from some of our critics to the cover,” he continued, “But we wanted to pull attention to the Fuse weapons: the Xenotech. That’s why they’re featured prominently.”

Weapons? Where? What weapons? You mean the bunch of glowing sparkles? Them? Those are the weapons are they, not just a sparkly effect? Well you learn something new each day.

Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube has recieved a nice update that makes beams of light appear when other players knock one out.

A cube, that is.

The update also includes, quelle suprise, in-app purchases. £1.49 gets you a Badger which will scamper about and break some cubes for you.

The latest advert for PlayStation in Japan features Kikaider, a popular anime character. It is, as you would expect, bonkers.

And finally, we’re going a bit Russell Howard and ending with truly touching tale, click on over to the U.S. PlayStation forums for more.


  1. Flying Hamster HD – Awesome :) That’s a really nice surprise!
    I hope it’s the same release date for the EU PSN store.

    • They’re a French company so is EU date

  2. “But we wanted to pull attention to the Fuse weapons: the Xenotech. That’s why they’re featured prominently.”
    All you can see are mid-sections and an orange blur. Honestly though I don’t really care about cover art as you dont really see it that much, and until the consoles install game case holders that light it up like a masterpiece at a museum I won’t.

  3. Can I ask why all the news snatch posts have a Windows 8 desktop for their homepage icon? Am I missing the link as it doesn’t make much sense to me.

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