All Halfbrick iOS Games Are Free Today

Head on over to the iTunes store and you will find that the entire Halfbrick game catalogue is available to download for free until 6am GMT tomorrow, December 18th.


“Over the past three years we’ve given everything we have to make our games the best, and were rewarded a million times over with love and support from our fans,” said Halfbrick’s Phil Larsen.

“Now it’s time to give something back, kick some ass and start 2013 with more momentum than ever. Have a blast playing Halfbrick’s finest!”

Titles include Fruit Ninja, Age Of Zombies, Blast Off and Jetpack Joyride and also include the ‘HD’ versions for use on iPads.

Click this link to head over to iTunes and grab your freebies.



  1. Unfortunately, they’re not doing the same thing on Google Play…

    • Yeah it’s sad that they don’t appreciate their entire customer base

  2. Downloading as I type already got the fantastic jetpack joyride free a few weeks ago but just grabbed the rest owt for nowt an that ;)

  3. Yay! I love Fruit Ninja but always resisted the better iPad version because I’d already bought the iPhone one.

  4. Sweet. Thanks TSA. 4 new ipad games for me!

  5. Nice one. I have a couple of their games already. But I’ll see if there’s anything else I fancy tonight.

  6. Free stuff never fails! Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride are neat little distractions.

    Nothing that’ll keep you coming back, but worth a play. Or two. Or two hundred. :P

    After a while you reach a point where you just get bored though.

    Age of Zombies is ok too, haven’t played the others myself.

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