Podcast: Episode 86 – BioShock Infinite, The Cave & Surge

It’s always a sad week when a member of our podcasting crew can’t make it. This victim of circumstance was Peter, but his shoes were ably filled by Teflon. In fact we caught Teflon at a good time, as he’s been playing an almost obscene amount of games at preview events recently.

We picked just two of those games though, BioShock Infinite and The Cave. Both were certainly interesting to hear him talk about, and as someone who disliked the original BioShock I was surprised to find myself intrigued by what Infinite has to offer; there’s just something about it that’s far more appealing. As for The Cave, I’m not quite as sold but it does sound like an interesting title.

As for the rest of us, we were a little quieter, with the main focus being Kev’s take on Futurlab’s newest title, Surge. He also threw in a smattering of Gravity Rush, whilst Lewis popped up to talk about Into the Dead though.

As always we round things off with one of Lewis’ quizzes and listener questions.

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  1. How on earth can somone not know that Darth Vader is Luke’s father? It’s been parodied to death and mentioned countless of times? :O

    Also, Why does Kev no longer read the opening post in a voice anymore? Is it because Krismas has threatened to ragequit him out of existence?

    Vaas seems to be my favorite gaming villain of the year and the Joker will always be my comic villain as it’s the Joker.

  2. i think in the current incarnation of Superman the suit is supposed to be indestructible.
    but it used to be that he had this invicibility aura, that extended just past his skin, so the suit was protected but the cape could get ripped.

    the Pacific Rim trailer looked AMAZING.
    i’ve been waiting so many years for another great mecha movie.
    the last one was probably Robot Jox, back in the 80s i think it was.
    and from a scene or two in the trailer, i think Del Toro’s seen that film too.

    anyway, can’t bleedin’ wait, lot’s of punching monsters in the face, at least i assume it’s some kind of face, it could be it’s arse for all i know.

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