Jet Set Radio Reduced To 400 MSP (£3.40)

Microsoft has kicked off its Christmas sale on Xbox Live, with the first day offering up SEGA’s recently released Jet Set Radio for just 400 Microsoft Points (via VideoGamer), a saving of 50%.

Hello Games’ Joe Danger 2: The Movie is also just 400 MSP right now, that’s just £3.40 which is an absolute steal if you’re yet to play the game on either format. LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars, LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Batman and LEGO Indiana Jones 2 are all just £8.99 each.


In addition, a batch of downloadable content for Modern Warfare 3 has been halved in price (and are thus down to 600 MSP each) and the actual MW3 game on Games on Demand has dropped to £24.99; Peggle Nights is just 200 MSP and two Sonic games – Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 are also reduced in price.

More sales are expected each day.



  1. Some great prices :) Shame I spent my 400ms points recently on Sonic Adventure

    P.S. That new Tweet notification thing on the left hand side of the screen is really annoying and makes it hard to read articles :(

    • That’s 400 points well spent, SA is a top game!

  2. It’s a shame that there has to be a half-price sale to make CoD DLC reasonably priced. Pretty neat sale for Xbox owners.

    And for the love of God, please fix the sharing box of social media so it doesn’t float over my comment box. I can’t see what I’m writing.

  3. Buy JSR, do it, do it now. I need my JSRF remake.

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