Journey And The Unfinished Swan Bundled For A Tenner

Sony Europe have released what they’re calling the “Gaming Wonders Bundle” – Journey and The Unfinished Swan for a tenner, or £8.99 if you’ve got Plus.

“Throw yourself into the jaw-dropping worlds of two of the most original games ever to grace PlayStation Network,” says the blurb. I’d have to agree – this year’s been amazing for the PSN and both Journey and The Unfinished Swan are superb.


You can read our review for Journey here, and the rather fancy one for The Unfinished Swan here. I still get people telling me the latter one is broken, which makes me smile, and reviewing both were personal highlights – I adore the two games.

Chances are you will too.

Anyway, apart from the fact that you can’t buy the bundle if you’ve got either of the games (it’d be cheaper on Plus, you see) this is awesome. It’s available now on the Store.

Source: SEN Store, via Twitter.



  1. great deal if you have not bought them yet.

    • I tried on SEN and encountered a problem trying to purchase. ha ha, classic. First time I’ve tried buying something from PSN and look what happens.

  2. Bollocks. Spent £20 on these two literally 3 weeks ago.

  3. Just what I was waiting for. Didn’t play any of them. Buying when I get back from work. Now this is a great way to start a day :D

  4. This is exactly what I was after. I shall be treating myself to this

  5. What a stroke of luck. I’d planned to buy either one of these over the Christmas holiday. Now I can get them both and enjoy them whilst eating mince pies :)

  6. Fab, been waiting for an offer on either of these and now both for £8.99. Perfect!

  7. Might have to delve in and purchase these two gems, especially at that price!

  8. Now I remembered! The PS Store is now available via web browser :D Game pack bought !
    Ok, now I need a week off from work for Christmas……

  9. :O

  10. I have to buy it now.

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