Watch The First Five Minutes Of BioShock Infinite

In an interesting PR move, Irrational have just this afternoon released the first few minutes (five or so) of next year’s BioShock Infinite onto YouTube.

It’s the game’s intro – something we discussed in our recent preview – but it’s worth mentioning that this means spoilers, as you’d expect.


For much more on Infinite, click here.



  1. As interested as I am in the game this would positively deflate me enjoying the first few minutes in person on my own PS3. No deal, (Christmas) Noel. :-P

  2. Shame this game comes out in March as Rayman and Tomb Raider will be of a much higher priority for me.

  3. I watched the vid……. well, fuck…… i was warned

  4. Not watching it. Just thought I’d let you all know that.

    Don’t want to spoil it.

  5. What spoilers? It didn’t reveal much at all, if anything.

    • Yeah, nothing I didn’t already know from the trailers. Didn’t feel this was very spolierish at all.

    • Same here. Looks good though.

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