Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

Perhaps you’ve been waiting for this, perhaps you haven’t, but here it is, the trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. New costume, new abilities, and influence from a certain Ubisoft franchise seem prevalent.

It’s not hugely impressive – the framerate looks iffy and the visuals aren’t great, all things considered, but – hey – it’s Final Fantasy. Right?


The game is a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2, and features Lightning as the main character.

The YouTube links are systematically getting pulled – chances are GameTrailers (who hosted the original) put the video live early. After that, the video just spread, as expected.



  1. Not great by any means. A poor trailer with a poor framerate in some places and very low res textures on others. I hope this series dies and we can finally get some other FF games out.

  2. Not a great trailer but I’m still really looking forward to the game itself. XIII-2 was great (much better than XIII) so I’ll certainly check it out.

  3. I’ve had Final Fantasy XIII-2 for a few months now and i still haven’t played it.

  4. Looks very interesting. The textures do look kind of low res but I’m sure they will improve them until it comes out.
    Despite the general opinion of the FF XIII franchise, I actually enjoyed both games and actually preferred XIII over XIII-2.

    • And yeah, definitely getting an Assassin’s Creed vibe from the trailer. :P

    • Liklewise. Thought the trailer wasn’t bad. A lot of gameplay on show, when usually it’s just cinematic with their previously released trailers. And I’m the same. Thought XIII was better than XIII-2 but both very enjoyable.

  5. Doesn’t look that great, but since I’ve played the previous two I might as well see it through the end. But this time around, not a day 1 purchase that’s for sure.

  6. Cool. Will defo pick it up. However I would much prefer a new world, battle system and set of characters to enjoy.

    The trailer seems alright though not much to go on story wise other than Lightning is back. I’m sure they wont fuck up with the plot, FF is always about a long twisting plot.

  7. Definitely will NOT pick this up. I played through 13, but wasn’t a fan. I tried 13-2 and tried to kid myself into thinking it was good but I couldn’t look past how the characters constantly treat the gamer like a five year old! The conversations Serah and that guy have are so cringeworthy. Not only do they explain every little thing about a million times, but they do it in the most patronizing voice possibly. Seriously, it’s like they’re presenters on a children’s tv show!

    I thought maybe it was because of the voice acting and the fact that it was just that ‘crazy japanese’ feel to it. However, after going back to Final Fantasy 10 and 12, that is definitely not the case. Both those games are a mile above the 13 franchise. I’ve since been playing 7 as well and i just get upset in a way that Squaresoft are still churning out this crap when they have the ability to make such masterpieces.

    Bring us FF15. And please, for the love of god, can the developers play through their old games to remind themselves about what Final Fantasy really was?

    • Funnily I really hated FFXII and still think while X is good, is far from being the franchise’s poster child. FFIX is so underrated! ^^

  8. looks like a more real time approach to the battle than just waiting till you can press autobattle, which you end up doing for most of the non boss fights in the previous games.

    oh and Lightning dear, i know, that’s very nice underwear and i don’t doubt it was expensive and all, but you don’t have to show it off all the time.

    did that little miniskirt you wore in the first game really not show enough leg for you? o_O

    still at least with this game as well as featuring in most of the pre release media, lightning will also be playable.

  9. I would love to see the vid – shame it’s been pulled due to copyright owned by Square Enix

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