Next Borderlands 2 DLC Is Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt

Borderlands 2 is still hugely popular, and it looks like Gearbox are still working on creating lots of new content. The next batch of DLC is subtly titled Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, and was announced just moments ago via Twitter.

It’s out on January 15th.



  1. …still need to purchase the Season Pass. uhh

  2. I wonder if this one will raise the level cap ::fingers crossed::

    • Hopefully, they said the cap would be increased with the 3rd DLC in an unexpected way (although I’ve no idea what that means)

      • Dang, just read that ah well have to get a couple more characters to level 50 whilst we wait for Gearbox to make their mind up.

      • Hopefully it won’t be too long coming… I’m struggling to feel the urge to play it at the mo, more so since the stuffed the bee :-(

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