What We Played #84: Skyrim, ZombiU, Football Manager 13

What We PlayedI returned to the lands of Skyrim for a few hours at the weekend. What I found there wasn’t entertainment. Skyrim has become a place of tedium that I sometimes bring myself to trudge through in a vain attempt to just get the damn thing finished.

Shouldn’t really complain of course, I’ve wandered those now familiar lands for something like 250 hours despite not yet completing the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood or Civil War quest lines. I no longer stumble across undiscovered farmsteads and remote shacks; the joy of discovery has left the game.

All that remains seems to be a never-ending string of ‘fetch that’ or ‘kill them’ quests and it’s become an utterly soulless experience. The land of Skyrim is the real lead character in the game and now I’ve dallied with that mistress too long.


I would of course be lying if I said I hadn’t played any Mass Effect 3 this week. I was disappointed that its soundtrack didn’t quite manage to keep Journey’s from the top spot in our vote.  ME3’s should have won if for no other reason than it was used in the BBC’s Horizon programme about the Curiosity rover. Hopefully Curiosity will find those Prothean ruins we know are there…

My Wii U’s seen some more Nintendo Land action as I’ve been exercising the single-player games to earn more coins for the pachinko game that unlocks bits and pieces of the theme park. Frustratingly I’m still two combos short of a full house in Little Inferno and having got up to 69th in Puddle‘s global leaderboard by the time I’d finished the review it’s depressing to see how far I’ve fallen.

[drop2]Alex quickly regretted handing a mate the keys to his main ZombiU character when showing him the game the other day. Five minutes of play left the character dead with “no remorse, no apology, nothing. I was furious.”

He suggests that it’s the game’s pretty hardcore survival horror nature being at odds with the more common gaming experiences that’s to blame. “I think CoD has conditioned people into thinking two shots of anything is enough to kill anything.”

Fuel Overdose turned out not to be Dan’s cup of tea. “I really didn’t like it”, he tells me. He also expressed shock at learning it’s a £10 game saying that he’s “seen better looking 69p iOS titles”. Ouch. He’s also been playing Surge. “It’s an absolute riot, and I managed to get 15th spot on the global leaderboard. Doubt I’m there now though!”

What does Peter like to do when not herding cats TSA contributors?

I’ve played a lot of Football Manager 13 this week. That’s mostly due to the way I play that game. It’s always on in the background while I work and, when I have a spare ten minutes or need a short break from Photoshop, spreadsheets and word processors, I flick over and do something in Football Manager. I might have time for a match or even two but often I just have time to tinker with a formation or negotiate a transfer in preparation before I get back to my second job outside of Premier League management.

Snatching the odd short moment of play like that does mean a season “takes ages to get through” but he likes using it to break “the monotony of daily toil”. Currently he’s two weeks into a games as Spurs, two weeks that have seen him reach the top of the table halfway through December.

Perhaps AVB should call him for some hints: “I’ve developed a really nice, fluid attacking tactic but I desperately need another right winger to bolster my squad in case Lennon gets injured.”

Aran’s constrained his footballing to FIFA 13 where he’s finally won the 1st division in Ultimate Team’s Online mode. He modestly says “it was a hard run but I proved that my once admired FIFA skills have returned. Now I’m on a strong path to complete my Spanish league team.”

His love affair with Metro 2033 seems to be over. “I enjoy the game but it seems to drag”, he admits, “especially since the last hour of play has been non-stop action”. He still intends to finish it though as he “needs the closure”.

Lastly he started the original Mass Effect. Coming to it after playing its two sequels he says that “it’s nice to be able to experience where it all began”, while noting that in many respects it “plays quite differently to its successors”.

That’s it from us this week, what have you lot been up to in your gaming lately?



  1. I’ve been playing Far Cry 3 untill my fucking shithead of a brother stole it! And has hidden it somewhere as he intends to sell it the fucking bastard! Won’t repeat the rant i had on Twitter when i discovered the theft on Wednesday, i had only owned it for 2 fucking days! >:( Twas quite good but Jason doesn’t seem to be that likeable. Also, fucking EG spoiled the ending for me as their spoiler warning is shit. I was reading an article and when i scrolled down to read the rest of the article, guess what happened? The damn spoiler was beneath the spoiler warning. SPOILER WARNINGS SHOULD BE AT THE TOP OF THE ARTICLE NOT HALF WAY! Do they really believe taht people won’t scroll down in order to read the rest of the article. Oh and they ruined a part of a game for me as well. :( Bastards. So yeah, never read an article by EG if it is about a writer speaking about it as they won’t put the spoiler warning at the top because people love having the game spoiled for them by reading a piece of news instead of being told that the article contains spoilers thus giving them the chance to not read it. I can still remeber the damn spoiler even though i’ve been trying to forget it.

    Played DAO but that’s just to past the time as i only have the desire to play FC3.

    • wow.

      • I can’t believe EG did that as i expect that kind of crap from IGN or CVG as EG did seem alright. I am glad that TSA would put spoiler warnings at the top or in the subheading if the article included any spoilers. :) Serious, how did their editiors not think about that crap spoiler warning. That is like me putting
        Spoiler warning

        Darth vader is luke’s father.

        You can’t avoid reading that as you have to scroll down to read the full comment. If i have spoiled Star Wars for you, have on earth have you managed to avoid that twist. :P

        And to make things worse, i can’t replace FC3 as i can’t afford to due to the christmas period. :( Only bought that as an early present for discovering 5 job leads and applying for them. Can’t even have that because he is a jealous shit that is very selfish.

  2. Merry Christmas Greg! ;)

    This week I platinumed LittleBigPlanet Vita and Dead Space Extraction. I also helped McProley out with his Dead Space Extraction challenges, since he helped me too.

    I completed the DLC for Sound Shapes (twice) to restore my 100%s – I found this DLC more enjoyable than the original Beat Schools levels (which I sucked at) and using headphones was a huge advantage it seems.

    I used last weekends Double XP to Prestige in Black Ops 2, although I’m not sure I’ll return to the multiplayer again, just getting a bit bored of it.

    I also played through the Sniper Elite V2 DLC level which was good, although rather pricey for £3.99. Am looking forward to the free multiplayer that’s being added in an update soon!

    As for new stuff I started DiRT Showdown and Machinarium, both of which were a little frustrating but good. I hope to finish the latter this evening, if my hangover allows.

    • And a Merry Xmas to you, WWP’s most dedicated reader and ardent fan. :-)

      • Ha ha, it is true tha I enjoy a bit of WWP – it’s also rather therapeutic to put down everything I’ve played each week ;)

    • Hey youles we might be able to help each other with dirt showdown,I’m after the beating a friends times trophies,If you wouldn’t mind assisting one day? Obviously would do the same for you :-)

      • Sure mate – I’m sure we can arrange over the Christmas period or something! ;)

      • awesome cheers mate :-)

      • I’ll be happy to get in on this too :)

  3. And a late entry from Tuffcub reads: “Skyrim. I WILL GET TO LEVEL 50!”

    I’ll refrain from gloating about my character’s level then. :-)

    • I try to avoid maxing out every skill as it would ruin the game for me if i’m a master of everything. You are a level 81 aren’t you? *hears Tuffcub yell in anger*

  4. Played nothing but dishonored this week.

    Finally platinumed Incharted Golden abyss a year later but a proud moment. Finished sound & shapes campaign then thought let me try the death mode my days it is death mode

  5. Bought the latest offering from Abe’s Oddworld and been playing through that as Munch (sometimes). Great game, although not in the same league as Strangers Wrath still enjoyable and a snip at £5.47 courtesy of Plus…..also has a platinum trophy! :O
    Otherwise a few blasts around FairHaven in Most Wanted looking for a final Security Gate and the platinum trophy.
    Some F1 2012 practice here and there, which I’ll probably step up next week in readiness for the TSA Hungary half race.
    Got the Journey/Swan bundle yet to be downloaded, but all in good time.

  6. All vita for me. Desperately trying to find people to move my travel bugs along. No in London or Norwich seems to be doing it.

    Still trying to collected all the creature in Ecolibrium but now there are new challenges too which seem impossible.

    Finally getting near to the end of getting all the medals on Motorstorm RC. Really frustrating trying to shave 0.059 seconds off your time.

  7. Very little gaming for me this week unfortunately :( Was hoping to rack up some serious time during the BLOPS2 doublexp weekend but ended up being busy for the whole thing so didn’t fire a console up all weekend. I’ve also been wrestling with a cold/headache since Wednesday so the only time my 360 has been fired up all week is to watch the occasional film.
    I did get chance to show a mate of mine the Rayman Legends demo however, who proceeded to order a WiiU in time for Xmas :)

  8. Mostly Far Cry 3. It’s a great game. I love taking over those outposts.

  9. Watched my wife play Rayman Origins, badly.

  10. Mostly Far Cry 3, offline only though as it crashes otherwise because the servers are still unavailable and it tries to connect every time you press start to pause or craft/skill etc. :/ Other than that though it’s great fun!
    Also picked up Black Knight Sword which is a side scrolling action/platformer but has a really cool puppeteer-like design and presentation, with the backgrounds switching as you move through the levels.

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