New(year)s Snatch: Retro City Rampage Dated (Sort Of), Dune 2, EA Servers To Close

No rest for the wicked or indeed the Snatch news desk as I spy some last minute news scampering around the office floor trying to eat left over turkey.

Some people are still faffing around with 22 Can’s Curiosity Cube with an astounding 11 billion taps registered. In years to come these gamers will sit in front a blazing log fire with their grandchildren bouncing on their knee and regale them with tales of Curiosity: The Cube. “Aye lad, when I was a young’un we did not have virtual reality augmented smell-o-vision, we had a cube. A cube that we tapped, and we tapped it and tapped it and we were thankful for such entertainment.”

However, naughty people are trying to spoil the endless fun of bobbing up and down like Tulisa in that video and have been trying to cheat their way to the centre of the cube. “The cube has been attacked by a lot of hackers over the past few weeks and we’ve defended against that,” said shy, retiring wallflower and certainly-not-a-multi-millionaire, Peter Molyneux.

The BBC have just noticed that Sony are to stop making PlayStation 2‘s, something we reported on last week. “By ending production, Sony has fuelled rumours it is putting manufacturing resources towards the PlayStation 4,” they hypothesise.

Back in the days of the Amiga, I spent many an hour playing Dune 2, a rather fantastic real time strategy game. Now some technical wizards have sacrificed three Lolcats at the altar of the Interweb so you can play Dune 2 through your browser. Click here to smack some sense into the Ordos.

The first Black Ops 2 DLC pack has been leaked and includes multi player maps ‘Hydro’, ‘Downhill’, ‘Mirage’ and ‘Grind’, the Zombie map ‘Die Rise’ plus a new weapon, the ‘Peacekeeper SMG’.

This is going to nark some people – Retro City Rampage is to land on Xbox Live Arcade next week and will include ‘polish, tuning and improvements from the first version’, the exact same reason we have been given for its non-appearance on the Euro PSN. A foolish person would suggest that the PSN delay may have something to do with Microsoft’s draconian rules that any game appearing on Xbox Live should not appear on any other platform first, but that person would be foolish. Definitely.

EA are shutting down the servers for a number of older games. “It’s no longer feasible to continue the behind-the-scenes work involved with keeping these games up and running,” the company said in a statement, “We would rather our hard-working engineering and IT staff focus on keeping a positive experience for the other 99% of customers playing our more popular games.”

Here is a list of the titles affected.

January 3, 2013 — Online Services Shutdown
FIFA Manager 11 for PC

January 11, 2013 — Online Services Shutdown
FIFA Soccer 11 for PC, PS3, Wii & Xbox 360
FIFA Soccer 11 Ultimate Team for PS3 & Xbox 360
Madden NFL 11 for PS3, Wii & Xbox 360
Madden NFL 11 Ultimate Team for PS3 & Xbox 360
NBA JAM for PS3 & Xbox 360
NBA LIVE 10 for PS3 & Xbox 360
NCAA Football 11 for PS3 & Xbox 360
NHL 11 for PS3 & Xbox 360
NHL 11 Ultimate Team for PS3 & Xbox 36

January 14, 2013 — Online Services Shutdown
The Sims 2 for PC/MAC and

January 19, 2013 — Online Services Shutdown
Trenches II for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Staying with EA, they have rather wisely removed links to the websites of the manufacturers of real weapons from the Medal Of Honor site. A representative for publisher EA said, “We felt it was inappropriate and took the links down.”

And finally, a couple more videos for DMC: Devil May Cry.

Happy New Year, Snatchers!


  1. i can honestly say i never thought ms were to blame for the non appearance of Retro City Rampage. ^_^

    and that ps2 news only applies to japan doesn’t it?
    they’re still selling pretty well in south america aren’t they?

    and damn, the RTS genre has come a long way since Dune 2.

    • I would guess they may seek out 3rd party manufactures down the line if they stay popular if they all ready don’

  2. One reason why I cannot stand EA, removing online servers to save money.
    Not to mention, on the game case it would not say online servers may be temporary…

    Biggest cheapskates going and I will never have any respect for them since shutting down LOTRBFME2 servers.

    • Don’t forget EA are the principle company behind online passes. Ongoing costs was supposedly one reason for them, but servers are being closed down sooner & sooner these days.

    • Its alright if its sports game, liek if the game doesn’t really have loads of players then I guess EA have a good reason to do so.

    • EA shutting down servers is one of the major reasons I don’t buy their games anymore. It doesn’t matter if its sports games or whatever games they are. Plus they’re outright lying about why. They only do it for profit. If they were concerned about the other 99% of the servers, the other 99% of the servers would run better after the shutdowns- they don’t. If EA is going to force people to buy the newest sports games they should offer a buy back program for the discontinued year. It’s bad enough almost every EA sports game is just a player update, which is why people don’t buy the newest sports games, but to create a situation where you need to update is just horrible.

      I wonder if the CoD zombie map is just a single map that’s just another bus stop… or if its a whole new tranzit location in itself. Love the zombie modes, but I wish treyarch would turn player collision off, at least on the bus. Its to the point where I just run and teleport instead of taking the bus because it can be such a cluster fuck to get on and off it. Plus someone usually shuts the door on you.

  3. Even if Microsoft are the reason behind the delay of RCR in Europe, it probably won’t be released before January 9th on (EU) PSN as that’s when our next scheduled store update is due (although there will (supposedly) be a plus update on Jan 2nd).

  4. NBA Jam servers closing, that’s one of January’s US PS+ games.

  5. EA are the worst company for closing down old servers. So if you buy Fifa 11 new recently you can’t play online is just lame. at least give games 5 years before shooting them in the face.

    Soon it’ll be as soon as say Fifa 14 is out ok lets close Fifa 13 NOW..

    At the least they could patch the games so that MP trophies are no longer needed to plat the games – but as it stands they become unobtainable.

    • but they’re sport games, people just flock to the latest one and the outdated game becomes rather dead.

  6. RCR still isn’t released on PSN?

    • It is out on the NA store just not the EU Store.

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