Hey Look It’s Only 159 Days To E3

E3’s going to be a bit more spread out this year, but just like those people who remind you “it’s only 365 days until next Christmas” after you’ve gorged yourself on far too much turkey, Microsoft mouthpiece Larry Hryb has inexplicably added a countdown to his Major Nelson blog ticking away until Los Angeles this June.

“And it’s on…” he teases, presumably hinting at something other than a pile of unwanted Kinect games and another exclusive Call of Duty playthrough – hopefully this year we’ll get a brand new console and all this speculation and forward thinking will be rewarded.


I’ll be honest though, this is clearly just a PR thing to get people talking, it’s just a plug-in from another site and the fact that there’s absolutely no other information in the blog post is somewhat cynical, too. Judging from my RSS feeds this morning though, he’s been entirely successful.

Microsoft have been lucky for the last couple of years at E3 – the company’s focus on casual games hasn’t managed to alienate the core gamer, and multi-format titles still continue to sell better on 360 here in the UK too. But this E3 they need to reboot, refocus and convince everyone that they can still cater for the hardcore.

That countdown doesn’t do that, but hopefully what’s at the end will.



  1. I just hope something is hinted at for the next Gen. Otherwise I think the hype might turn me into a Gaming Scrooge.

    • I think it’s more likely we’ll see next-gen consoles announced at their own events before E3, and then games will be shown off at E3. That way they’ll maximise the hype of the console’s announcement as E3 is always very hectic, and also have some killer stuff to show off at E3.

  2. Wooo new Gears, Halooo…. Forzah and erm Kinectimals 2 I guess. If Microsoft do announce a new console, I hope its introduces new IP. Its the one thing I’d always believe they should be doing.

  3. And now we wait for Sony to do the same. Pre-E3 events seem far more likely for reveals, but E3 will be good this year.

  4. I know this may sound stupid but this years E3 will either be huge with Orbis news or quiet with already known releases. I think it will be huge though ^_^

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