Much Derided “Walking Dead” Trailer Wasn’t Official

Yesterday the internet, being the internet, decided that Activision’s new trailer for their FPS The Walking Dead game was rubbish – full of seemingly in-development segments and poor editing.

Except, well, it wasn’t an Activision trailer at all – it was a fan edit of intentionally in-development segments previously hosted on IGN.

It wasn’t even on Activision’s own YouTube channel, but a newly made channel with one video. That one. Here’s the so-called trailer, as it was:


And here’s the 1UP video:

It’s amazing how quickly outlets distributed the ‘trailer’ (and associated vitriol) yesterday, but I guess that’s just the way this industry is these days, right?

Survival Instinct is due in 2013, at which point hopefully it’ll look a lot better than these very early elements. As it’s highly likely to do, of course.



  1. Ace. Can we play as Clem?

  2. “It’s amazing how quickly outlets distributed the ‘trailer’ (and associated vitriol) yesterday, but I guess that’s just the way this industry is these days, right?”

    Hang on, didn’t you guys post it yesterday?

    • Yes that was me. Doesnt stop it from being shit, does it?

      • Actually I have no idea what Alex is going on about. So it was made from another trailer – and? It was fucking awful.

        The footage is only a week old so it’s not like it’s old video. Watch the orginal and it stil looks awful, has massive scren tear and is brown.

        Shit video is shit. No one has ‘egg on their face’ in fact whoever made the video has done a great service in highlighting a shit game that would have gone unnoticed.

      • You make a solid argument. Haha.

        The footage was pretty shocking and while it maybe should have referenced that it was in development, broken is brown and shit is shit.

      • Funny I noticed that retailers pitched it yesterday. They just want to cash on the name/franchise but I honestly couldn’t give a toss. Crap video and there so many more survival/zombie horrors to enjoy.

      • @avengerrr, “more survival/zombie horrors to enjoy”. Yeah, there’s so many ‘great’ survival zombie games, *looks towards warz/dayz*

      • It wasn’t a trailer. It was in-development footage meant to be viewed alongside the commentary I also provided a link to.

        Not sure why that’s so complicated.

      • Let’s assume for the moment we had posted the orginal video. Would peoples reactions been any more positive? I doubt it.

        Anyway you edited yesterday’s Snatch so it’s your fault :)

      • Of course they would have been. Have you watched it? It’s clearly early code, backed up with lots of commentary about said code. It’s in no way intended to be a ‘trailer’ in any context whatsoever. It was edited together by an individual to look like a trailer, which was false.

        If you go on a podcast with a track half finished and talk about each bit and what you’ve still got to do, and then I come along, splice it all up into a two minute MP3 and go “this is Tuffcub’s Latest woooo” it’ll still sound unfinished, but people will think it’s official.

        Same thing.

        I fixed some typos and hit publish, as nobody else was around.

      • OK. Lets start again

        Here’s a pre-prodction video for Walking Dead. It looks shit.

        That better?

      • Yes. It does indeed look shit.

      • Lets just remember the Dead Island trailer…. epic teaser trailer, game didn’t quite pull it off – these things can go both ways.

      • … although I’m not entirely hopeful of that

  3. Such a shame the industry cannot stop and take a breath for a moment to see if things are legit or not. Sadly, we’re in a “must have it now” lifestyle with the internet compounding this in every way possible.

    I’ll ignore the “trailer” that was shown yesterday but it’s a bit of a git for Activision to know that the media thought it was as that can often have a nasty knock-on effect with the general public.

  4. I thought the game looked mega fun. Even in the trailer edited format I had assumes that it was early code. Excited to see the game progress.

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