Community Chronicle: 06/01/12

Aaaaaand we’re back. Did you all have a good break before committing yourselves to the straight and narrow with a resolution of sorts?

No doubt most of you got a whole boat load of gaming done. Personally I steamed through a little bit of my “Pile of Shame”, but now I face having to play the sequels before I can be back up to date!

Seeing us into the new year is Roynaldo, with some nice blurry-cam shots, as though this were a prototype Apple TV, or something. Well, I don’t think it’s a prototype Apple TV, it just looks like a normal LCD to me…

He’s also burst through the constraints of his shelving, with his collection of games slowly but surely encroaching on the light entering through his window. It certainly beats having to open and draw the curtains every day for when he wants to break out a Blu-ray and sit 6″ away from his tele for that cinema experience.

Naturally the headline news is that I’ve finished some games! Dishonored, Crysis, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One all in the last few days. R&C:A4O just last night, with the help of Bodachi and topgearsam, even. How’s about that?

As for the rest of you, there have been quite a few busy bees out there too. Almost everyone and their pet leopard was playing Far Cry 3, for example. I know a few people haven’t got on well with it, with Roynaldo having a terribly buggy time of things, but most have been thoroughly enjoying it. Yiddo, Crazy_Del, B_Cambo and Wolf_OF_chaos all Platinumed it (Wolf also taking PSASBR’s top honours), with many others like Origami Killer well on their way to it.

Others were polishing off older games, like I was. Blackredyellow nabbed Dante’s Inferno for his 19th Platinum of the year, freakishly the same number as Freezebug got in 2012. Crazy_Del had a little help from the aforementioned BRY and Cam_manutd to chug through Unreal Tournament 3’s Insane Difficulty. He’s not quite at the Platinum yet, but he’s getting there sooner rather than later! Similarly, Blast17 finished off the better than expected Medal of Honor (2010) single player mode, whilst indulging in a healthy bout of multiplayer too.

In that strange divide between new and old, where the re-releases live, we see MistaPita claiming the Fastest Platinum for Mass Effect 1. Joining him on the fastest boards are Bambo_19 with PSASBR but on Vita, Flexxible with Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (and a failed attempt at claiming Silent Hill Downpour), and Freezebug with Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee.

Freezebug’s speediness incidentally sees him in the top 10 fastest Platinums on PSNprofiles’ world leaderboards, a much trickier proposition that TSA’s.

It was all up to R1MJAW in a few areas. He’s been playing Dead or Alive 5 with Motalla, both locked in a deadly, yet lively race to the Platinum. Also, he claimed the fastest Platinum for Under Defeat HD, and just 10 minutes into 2013 took TSA’s first Platinum (and possibly even trophy) of the year, with uDraw Instant Artist. It doesn’t sound like the most challenging of games, but I believe that it’s an official qualification which he can put on his C.V.

Rounding us out this week we have a little bit of Steven Watch. As we peak through the bushes, it’s quite clear to most of us that he’s still locked in furious battles with Dragon Age: Origins and Dark Souls replays. He also commented on What We Played with a review of a film, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. I think I can accurately sum it up with: “Hey! Prince! Why are you not exactly like the game? You suck!”

With that we’re done for the week. The leaderboard update fell through the cracks this week, but if you can all be sure to update your trophy cards with your Christmas progress, a inferior race will be able to grab it all for next time around.

I leave you with the usual submission form for exception deeds and gaming set ups.


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  1. Tef, It’s Demon Souls not Dark Souls. ;) I still refuse to play Dark Souls untill it bakes me a cake and apologises for that incident a few months ago.

    How does one feck up POP:SOT? It’s got a simple plot. Prince finds dagger, unleashes sands of time, turning people into monsters, he tries to undo mistake etc..

    • Think of it as a punishment for not soing the forum awards results yet. :P

      • I think nobody should respond to anything Steven says on here or twitter until he fulfills his duty. Put him in exile, that’ll teach him to not say he’s going to do something then not do it.

      • Or maybe i’ve been drawing it out to build up suspense. ;) Will be up today. I swear on pain of being stabbed in the balls and having them torn off. Next time, i won’t draw it out to build up suspense. Also, i’ve kept losing track of time for the past week. :O I blame Origami and MJB for this.

        Tef, Demon Souls is punishment enough. It did some nasty things to me. :( Stop laughing! I’m being serious. :p

      • What happened to the 3pm results? Just constant disappointment with you Steven :P

      • I said nothing about 3pm. :P I thought it would take me an hour to tally up the votes for the rest of the awards. I was wrong. Shall be up by 7ish.

      • I saw on your twitter feed, and now you’ve failed to meet this deadline :P

  2. Man those shots are blurry! Crap 3GS camera is what I blame it on….

    • Have the same issue, if it’s not blinding bright, then you’re gonna get shitty photos.

  3. Wait wait how can bambo have the fastest plat on Playstation Allstar vita when I claimed that crown time ago lol?

    Also do you know some mini games have no plat but 100% completion does that also get added to the list?

    • Oh it’ll come out in the rub when these claims are compared to, and added onto the leaderboard. I take everything at face value for the write up. Sorry about that!

      Games without a platinum don’t go on the list, I’m afraid. But mention them somewhere, and I’ll say what you’ve accomplished :)

      • You know with the rig, how do you send more than one pic cause it seems like you can only send one pic

  4. damn, all ten seasons of Smallville, nice.
    i’ve got seasons 6 to 9 on bluray, been looking for a copy of 10 cheap.
    it’s a shame you can’t get the earlier seasons on bluray, 6 seems to be the first.

    then i want to read the smallville season 11 comics, they’re pretty cheap on comixology.

    you like the odd natural history program as well it seem.
    the closest i have to those on bluray is the imax space station 3d thing.
    narrated by Tom Cruise.
    it’s pretty cool.

    and now to play the , what game is he playing? game. ^_^

    gonna have a wild stab at uncharted.

    don’t those games get hot on the window ledge when the sun’s on that side of your house?

    • I think that Roy’s from up North, those games on the window ledge should be safe in cold storage, the lighting seen through the window is probably next doors christmas lights up and running. :P

  5. Down to No. 11 in that leaderboard for the Munch platinum, it updates when people decide to check their stats on the website and the list gets updated. Aah well.

  6. WOOHOO! My 1st ever mention!

    I’VE ARRIVED!! (You’ll never get rid of me now! ;p )

  7. I should hopefully be getting my 12th platinum soon with Far Cry 3. Balancing my PS3 time with revision.

  8. Seeing as the shots are ridiculously blurry I suppose I had better write down what it is you are looking at eh?

    The big black thing is a 7 year old Goodmans TV which is on its last legs, underneath be an N64, fully hooked up with move and navi to the side (all collecting dust). Underneath that there is AC: Revelations Animus Edition and Far Cry 3: Insane Edition next to the PS3 itself which usually sits on the floor so to prevent any unfortunate YLO-FFS events..

    Bottom left are all the PS1 Final Fantasys and the game i’m playing is Far Cry 3 :)

    • I’m very jealous of your Life, Planet Earth and Harry Potter Blu-rays haha

      • I love all my bluray sets. One you might not see in there clearly is Wonders with Brian Cox also just got Attenborough 60 years today for my bday. Can’t wait to get stuck into that later…. and a Morgan Freemans: Through the Wormhole box set.

        I own some good shit :)

  9. Nice, but how did he get 3 photos up when I can only link to 1?

    • Either zip them up into a single file, submit multiple forms, or email them to me. :)

  10. Far Cry seems to be popular game last month and still continue to do so. It is a great game I must say and glad to see a couple of TSA Platinums and here’s to many more this year ;)

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