Top Black Ops 2 Player Forced To Reset His Stats After DDOS Attacks

Being very good at something can have its negatives, it appears, as top ranked Black Ops 2 player Retrominano has been forced to reset his rank back down to level 1 after repeated DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks prevented him from even getting online.

According to reports, Retrominano could only get online for ten minutes or so each day “because some guy in the US” was DDOSing him. Reddit comments suggested he’d reset his IP address a few times, but to no long-lasting avail.


And even when he could get online for a few minutes, he was apparently harassed by others. It appears that ultimately his rank wasn’t worth the abuse and effort, and a reset back to (essentially) zero was the only way he could move on. From what we can gather, the DDOS attempts appear to have stopped now.

Some may consider that this comes with the territory of being such a high profile gamer on one of the biggest games out there just now, but hopefully this is something the likes of Treyarch and Activision can help to combat going forward – being locked out of a game you’ve bought can’t be nice.



  1. Wow.

    I’m sure we’ve all gotten annoyed at something online before, but to do that in response?

    What a child.

  2. Only on Xbox this happens smh

    What’s DDOS?

    • Distributed Denial Of Service. It’s what Anonymous use for attacks.

    • It happens on PS3 as well, especially in competitive call of duty where people are so desperate to win they resort to that.

  3. Seriously, the guy DDOSing him needs to get a life, how pathetic. And Retrominano should defo get out more.

    If there is something Treyarch or Activision can do, with their resources, they have a (Call of) duty to do so, to try and protect their top customers.

    • …So if your top of a game or pro at that, gamers should go out for??

      • Each to their own, there are just a lot of people who play CoD, and for many hours a day, so if he’s top I should imagine he plays for quite a few hours a day. I love playing games, but there are other things to do too, he could be missing out!

  4. I’m usually quite proud to say I’m a gamer, but when I read about others doing pathetic things like this, it almost makes me ashamed to be associated with such people in any way.

  5. Whilst i don’t care about him losing all of his stats, it is a pathetic thing for someone to DDOS him just because he is better. If you can’t handle losing, then don’t play online as you will lose at somepoint. Wonder if MS will block the person who did the DDOS attack as they should be able to track their account or get Acti to look at their servers in an attempt to find the person who did this.

    Seriously, who DDOS’s someone just because they are better then them? Who does that! I would hate to bump into that person on Dark Souls as i suspect 90% of the userbase would get a DDOS attack. :O

  6. Am I right in thinking this is only possible because CoD is based off peer to peer connections rather than dedicated servers?

    Or am I completely in the wrong? Never thought of the issue of others obtaining your IP and being immature twelve year olds.

    • Yeah, it’s a worry that it could be done more often, assuming it’s not too hard to do – I wouldn’t have a clue though.

      • I think it is a lot easier to DDOS someone on a peer to peer connection then on a server due to there being little to no security so it is surprising that this is not a common thing. I suspect it may be hard for MS to ban the person as they can easily disguise their IP.

      • It’s easy on peer 2 peer because the IP of the target is connected direct but even with dedicated servers it is possible to find the target IP. This is how the internet works, no way around it that wouldn’t make gaming difficult.

  7. Sounds more like Activision reset him for cheating and he’s blaming someone else.

    • Why do you say this?

    • Evidence of something else?

    • That’s very cynical…

      I thought people got bans rather than resets for cheating though?

      To be honest, it’d be a bit stupid for him to say this as his story if Activision did punish him for cheating- that would get out very quickly if it did happen.

      Activision themselves would probably say it- they don’t want their game to be associated with internet security risks if that’s not the cause of what happened here.

  8. Why am I reading comments saying he got DDOS attacks because he was a better player then other people? He was merely the highest ranked player in the world, meaning that he played the game a HELL OF A LOT more than anyone else.

    Not taking anything away from the guy (though that would be irrelevant now) but it just meant that he sunk more time into it then anybody else. Still though, it is awful he has had to reset due to some dick online. Find the culprits and make them squeal Acti, though I know you won’t.

  9. Only on Cod. There are some sad people out there.

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