Activision Really Don’t Want To Show You The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

Above all the fuss over whether or not the first ‘trailer’ for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct was actually a proper trailer or not (it wasn’t, it was a cut-up edit of code running in the background of a developer code) is the overwhelming impression that – regardless – this isn’t going to be a great looking game.

And, in the absence of anything meaty that might convince gamers otherwise, Activision have been left with little option than to push out a teaser trailer for the game. Teasers are often exactly that, but this one takes the biscuit.


Yep, that’s the teaser trailer. Not only does it not actually show any in-game footage, it also doesn’t show anything other than two of the actors from the TV series (Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker will both lend their voices to characters in the game) and the box-art.

Oh, and the release date: 29th March.

You know what, there’s a chance this might actually be alright. But it’s a very slim chance, and this is hardly helping.



  1. Gonna be poop, called it :P

  2. But just LOOK at that box art! Activision are tearing up the rule book, devoting a trailer just to the box art. Look at it like this: you didn’t see this coming, right? That must be a metaphor for the game itself…it’s gonna surprise you in ways you couldn’t possibly expect!

  3. Thought this would be a digital title not boxed. I hope it’s good, but I’m yet to be convinced…

  4. So basically it’s going up against bioshock infinite, Gow: ascension, Gow: judgment and army of two 3. Yeah, it doesn’t stand a chance.

    • Haha brilliant choice of release date eh.
      It will still sell though. Too big a franchise.

  5. oh dear, ACtivision, people don’t fall for it anymore. Make a note.

    On the other hand, since yesterday I can’t watch any embedded vids from youtube on TSA? I’m using Chrome.

    • Are you using the User Agent extension? It’s broken.

      • No I’m not I’m using Ad Block, not sure if that is causing a problem but I don’t think it is. IE is working though.

      • I’m using chrome and Ad Block but it’s working for me.

      • thanks, so its my end. Grand. Thats what you get for being at work.

      • cleared cookies, now sorted. D’oh !

  6. Was always going to be a shameless cash in. Shame.

  7. Everything about this so far says quick cash-in. This reminds me of activision on the 90’s.

  8. No bother, I shall be playing Riptide for my FPS zombie co-op fix!

  9. It’s impressive how cagey they’re being.

  10. Actually, mythical TSA Staff Writer, if you had linked to the OFFICIAL video – – and not the one from IGN – then you would have seen the text that says a gameplay trailer is ‘coming soon’ so you headline is rather innacurate. Also this is a luanch day trailer, not a teaser trailer.

    I dunno, linking to dodgy trailers, wrong information.. Good thing we can all laugh about little mistakes like this eh! I’ll go and write up a nice post for the front page to highlight your errors :)

    (and yes, I have my best smug bastard grin on at the moment).

    • Love this comment!

    • Put the claws away and give him a big bear hug!

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