News Snatch: Dust 514 Crashes With Eve, Zombie Brides And Buttocks

A rather huge event in gaming history is about to happen as the players from PC MMO EVE Online and PS3 shooter DUST 514 will soon be playing in a single, huge universe. The team are aware of the “massive technical and game design endeavour” and that “it is very important that we do not upset the serious business of Internet spaceships.”

CCP has prepared a briefing for the EVE community, “You will begin to see unfamiliar faces in local. They may look a little funny and talk about bizarre concepts such as tanks, grenades and “running around” but I promise they are as friendly as New Eden citizens can be and want to learn everything they can about this world you now both share.”


Halo 4 is to get the Majestic Map Pack DLC next month and then every Monday starting on 21st January the game will receive updated playlists and modes, for a full run down of what’s on offer click here.

Earlier today we posted a new  The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct which did not have single frame of game play. It did have a release date, the game will land on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC on March 26 in North America and March 29 in Europe and according to the official YouTube channel a gameplay trailer is “coming soon.”

A couple of magazines had a hands-off preview at the game last week and Official PlayStation Magazine had this to say:

“It’s clear that a lack of polish and sub-top tier design is likely to hold this back. For starters, it looks decaying corpse ugly. Brown, blocky, with poor textures, even for the end of days this is a grim place to visit. It’s also gltichy and messy at times – I saw several melee attacks supposedly connect when actually they missed their mark – and lazy: objects are seemingly picked up and put down via telekinesis rather than the use of hands, and the voice acting (which is actually solid) in no way matches up to the characters’ facial animations.”

It was recently revealed that TWD:SI could have been developed by High Moon, the team behind the the two solid Transformers games, but they decided to develop a game based on Deadpool instead. Talking of the Deadpool game, two more characters have been revealed and they are Cable from X-Men and a re-imagined version of Death in female form who will be a love interest.

At least the trailer for TWD:SI had famous people in it, the latest Splinter Cell Blacklist ‘ComDev’ video has a bloke standing outside in the cold near a grotty building.

That’s it.

Bloke, talking, out in the cold, near some bins a tramp is rummaging through to get his lunch. Probably.

Do you spend your days shuffling around with a vacant stare? Do you communicate via a series of unintelligible grunts? Do your clothes make you look like you have been freshly dragged through the nearest hedge? If the answer to all these questions is “yes” and your name is not Pete Doherty then read on.

Dead Island Riptide publisher Deep Silver is offering to pay for you and your beloved to get married and will pay for the whole caboodle including a luxury Caribbean honeymoon. To qualify you must be a zombie or at least willing for your entire wedding to be zombie themed. Head on over to Facebook for more details.

And finally, a chap had decided to have a go at modelling what Mass Effect‘s Commander Shepherd would look like ‘next gen’. The answer is: Damn hot with the tightest pair of buttocks since Old Snake wiggled his way across my screen.



  1. Acti’s TWD game will be crap as they have shown no gameplay so far and failed to do any sort of marketing for it untill the fanmade video was mistaken. And usually, when they do that, the game is either brillant but recieved no marketing or awful and should be burned at the stake. Acti, why bother getting the rights if you are going to half arse it? Surely it is far cheaper to not do it then to get the rights just so no-one can do it. So Acti decided to not wait untill High Moon was finished with Deadpool and decided to half arse it. Because half arsed games always become triple aaa games.

    I can see a lot of gamers being forced to sleep on the couch if they suggest that they should have a zombie wedding to their missus as they won’t like it and prefer to organise it themselves. This could end up being a very stupid idea since the couple who named their baby Dovahkiin(or something like that) just to win a free copy of Skyrim.

  2. Dust 514 is Playstation exclusive. CCP dropped M$.

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