Sony Exec Hints At A PS4 Announcement In May

Hiroshi Sakamoto doesn’t directly work at Sony Computer Entertainment, but he does work at Sony and he’s pretty high up the chain. So, when he speaks, you should listen. Especially when he’s speaking about next generation PlayStation consoles.

The translation seems pretty clear cut – with at least two confirming its accuracy, although you’ll have to forgive any mistakes. Essentially he was asked about Sony working on a new PlayStation, and whether we’ll have some news about it soon.

“That’s still a big secret,” he replied, “but our friends at PlayStation are getting ready. For now I can only say that we’re focused in the gaming event “E3″, scheduled for June.”

However, he then adds that “an announcement can be by then, or even before, in May.”

He’s then asked whether that’s a major announcement or not. He agrees, saying “in that time we expect to deliver great news” and adds that “we must wait until May at least.”

It’s been widely discussed that Sony will announced the PS4 just before E3. That’ll get the groundwork out of the way so that June can be all about the games – a smart tactic, and one that most people seem to agree will be the best way forward for Sony.

Bizarrely, some sites chased headlines by saying there’ll be a PS4 announcement in February we’ve already discussed why this will not be the case. May is much more likely.

What will the PS4 be all about? Have a read.

Source: Emol, via GAF.


  1. Meh, it could be anything I really wouldn’t look to much into it.

    Probalay a ultra slim PS3 with backwards compatibility since the PS2 is out of production now.

  2. I would be okay with this, it’s time for a new generation of consoles, so if they can launch late this year, that would be alright. In the meantime there are plenty of great games and a Vita, which properly are going to get lots more love after a price drop, which can’t be far away now :)

  3. I just can’t help but get excited about it. I loved the excitement of the PS3 and here’s hoping this will get me as keen,

  4. Oh great, just before I go away for a month. I’ll be out of the loop at the worst possible time!

  5. I gotta say I think it’s long over due next gen. I’ve had the money in my account for a long time now. Bring it on.

  6. I wonder what colour it will be?

    • I reckon here in Europe it’ll be, like always, black.

  7. Absolutely ready for next gen now.

  8. I can’t say that I’m particularly excited by the next generation.

    The PS3 is the last console truly built on custom hardware, and that was for me the ‘wow’ factor behind the PlayStation. Competitors like MS and Big N have long adopted standard x86/PPC architectures, and now that we know the PS4 will be a set-top-box PC, I think we are actually regressing. The Cell processor is still unequalled on the market, and the PS4 AMD-based CPU might well be inferior to it.

    • It’s never been about the hardware, though. Ignoring any true cock-ups, it’s about the wonderful 1st and 3rd party games that Sony bring to the console. The magic will still happen.

      • I think there’s still a geeky design enthusiast crowd who will be forever impressed by the cell and emotion hardware that Sony managed to invent. I suppose making your own chips could be viewed as an old fashioned and expensive way of building your electronics, but it still works for Apple, who I think still know how to design a beautiful and efficient machine. Hopefully the next Playstation is both of those :)

      • Apple uses off the shelves components on everything though, don’t they? They don’t manufacture anything, just design.

      • Nope. They design the hell out of everything and build anything that doesn’t exist. Their tolerances with design is so tight that manufacturing plants have trouble even meeting them. It’s why the iPhones feel so solidly built (love or hate them).

      • Really? I’d say that’s a common misconception about Apple, cleverly hidden by smart marketing. Usually they take tech that is already available and enhance it while claiming they have invented it. They then wait for every last chinese KIRF company to outdo them and then start playing catch up. At least that’s the impression I’m getting from their iPhone / iOS division. Their built quality also isn’t what it used to be. :/

        As for the PS3/4 hardware: I don’t really care about custom components. The Cell might still be powerful if used correctly but what did it get us? A generation of bad ports and a few good 1st party titles. It’s useless if only 10% know how to use the Cell chip properly while the rest of the industry is held back by a lack of RAM.
        I’ll take off the shelf hardware over custom hardware any day of the week if it means cheaper components and easier access to a wider range of devs.

    • The Cell was a big selling point for me, along with Blu-Ray.
      The main selling point however was MotorStorm, a first party title that was truly awesome to look at and play.
      Hardware always comes second to quality games. I actually like that Sony are going down the PC hardware route, it’ll be easier for developers to create games for it than non-standard hardware.

    • Totally agree.With PS4 and Xbox Next looking very likely to be using similar, off the shelf parts (understandable to keep cost’s down), i fear it’s going to be even more of a ‘me too’ generation.

      Difficult to work with as both PS2+PS3 were,look how games grew, visually as coders got to grips with the hardware, found new tricks:

      As a PS2 owner going from things like Extermination+Time Splitters to:Burnout 3, Black, God Of War 2.

      PS3 wise:Resistance to Killzone 3, Heavy Rain etc.

      IF PS3 is just existing PC tech, how long before all it’s tricks are discovered and it’s ‘maxed out’? or…are we expecting a far shorter lifespan next gen?.

      • How is that a con? Would you rather have devs trying to figure out how to max out a system for years than have them take advantage of the hardware that you paid for within the first year? They wouldn’t have to come up with workarounds or tricks to implement something. You also don’t have to worry about horrible ports like Skyrim anymore.

  9. Knowing Sony it’ll be announced a week before release.

  10. It’s going to be a preannouncement of an announcement of the announcement of another announcment of something to do with PS3 with another announcement of an announcement. Could be a bunch of different colours. Wonder if the internet will be up in arms if Sony does that? ;) Will be very surprised if they announce the PS4 in may. Not sure if the meme is dead but cross game chat?

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