Podcast: Episode 87 – Frog Fractions, Movie Award Season and CES

Kris ran into some PC problems this week so he wasn’t able to be there when we started recording. He does pop up just before we get to the section of riddles though. Oh yes, and we replaced our usual quiz with a fiendishly difficult riddle section.

All of that comes after Lewis, Kev and myself were joined by the human paragon of loveliness that is Mr Peter Willington. We talked about the BAFTA and OSCAR nominations. I should warn you that this whole podcast features one spoiler for the just-released Les Misérables movie – just in case you’ve managed to avoid the 1935 movie. Or the 1937 radio play. Or the 1980 stage musical that’s been a global hit, with continuing runs in every major world theatre district. Or the 1998 movie starring Liam Neeson. Or the TV adaptation from the turn of this century. Or, indeed the book by Victor Hugo which is a hundred and fifty years old. But y’know – Spoilers.

Anyway, we then went on to talk about CES including some of the interesting things on display there like Nvidia’s Shield, unusable resolutions and those curved televisions that seem utterly pointless. Game chat was fairly light this week, focussing on some less than mainstream gaming we’d been doing.

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  1. Yay!

  2. Had a quick go on Frog Fractions. Yeah, it’s shit-smearing mental isn’t it!

    • stick with it and keep a (very) open mind – under that lunacy it’s really quite clever!

  3. Peter W,

    Despite having walked past the stage version of Les Mis pretty much every weekend for the past 15 years, having a fairly decent education and – and I feel this is my main strength – being a gay and therefore genetically programmed to like musical theatre, I have never seen nor read Les Miserables.

    Thank you for ruining it, you fuck.

  4. Nividia are already a hardware manufacturer, aren’t they?

    speaking of The Hobbit, did you know? Ian Holm has played bilbo and Frodo.

    i had to share this as well, related to Les Mis.

    i saw an old Les Mis movie years ago, it came on tv and i decided to watch it becuase they’d talked about it quite a bit on Deep Space Nine.
    how Sisko had to act like the villain, whose name i can’t remember, to stop a starfleet officer, whose name i also can’t remember, who left to join the Maquis and views himself the hero like Jean Valjean.

    it’s a great story, well, it would have to be for people to still be telling it 150 years after it was written.

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