New Gran Turismo 5 Trailer Shows New Cars, New Tracks

Looks like Polyphony aren’t done with Gran Turismo 5 yet, despite plenty of rumours with the number six in the title. This latest video is based on the Acura NSX Concept, but that looks like Seattle and another new route to us.

Could this signify the fabled Spec 3 release?

Kinda makes the Academy Edition that little bit less complete, doesn’t it?


  1. …I like GT5 but part of me hates it due to the install size (should’ve upgraded the HDD <.,<)

  2. Seattle is at around the 1.08 mark, around 1.15 to 1.20 reminds me of Apricot Hill.

    The pipe bit is new as is the night time photomode location, looks a bit like Shibuya to me.

    Add in Willow Springs which was shown in the C7 trailer yesterday and it seems that there is more to come for GT5.

    • Ah the place I thought was Shibuya is actually Ginza.

    • Yep, it’s definitely ye olde Seattle and pretty sure it’s Apricot Hill too. Would love to see that, especially.

  3. Don’t forget the free 2014 Corvette available today.

  4. OMG, this is fantastic! Developers take note, this is the way to look after your customers. Polyphony goes after the “long tail”, this is classic economic theory. I have no problem with this. I rather support this than buying the same franchise year after year. Must buy dlc.

  5. Had this game since day of release, still playing it fairly regular to this day.
    tempted to buy the acadamy edition, as i never bothered with the DLC.
    Spec 3 would be immense

  6. Still enjoying GT5, busy trying to catch up with the online events.
    New cars & tracks would be welcome.

  7. Seriously hope Kaz isn’t teasing us with this? The seasonals & TT’s have kept GT5 alive for me plus I’m still racing with a few mates for laughs.

  8. I really enjoyed the GT PSP game. I hope in addition to this PD are hard at work on a Vita GT game.

    • Werd.
      GTVita would make me very happy.

      Needs to be a full game though, not the arcade-centric GTPSP.

  9. Who said the Academy Edition was complete? ;)

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