HMV Gift Cards – Your Options

HMV’s descent into administration may not have been a surprise for many, but it was unfortunate for all those affected. While we are concerned about the staff, it’s also worth noting that many of their customers may be going through a period of some uncertainty too.

Gift cards for entertainment retailers have long been a staple Christmas gift for many and those of us who don’t pay much attention to shifting market forces – or those keen to avoid a repeat of the precarious position they were put in by Game Group’s own brief administration period – may have been choosing to pre-order at HMV. Is that money now lost to the administration process currently ongoing at the retailer? Well, it’s a little bit messy but there are methods to claim it back.

[drop2]For anybody who has gift cards, you’re now officially entitled to register with Deloitte as unsecured creditors. Email them at [email protected] to register your interest in the process and request all relevant forms.

Basically, HMV owes you money and you’re entitled to ask that it be returned. However, registering is no guarantee that you’ll get it back – you’ll be added to the queue of creditors and the administrators will reimburse that list as they see fit.

Don’t throw away your vouchers. It’s entirely possible that HMV will start accepting them again, once the administrators have fully assessed the business or if a buyer is found who agrees to honour the company’s old debt. If that happens, the best plan of action may be to simply go and spend your vouchers in the sale.

If you bought vouchers using a credit card and the transaction was greater than £100 then you can claim that back from the company that offered you the credit (your bank or credit card company). It doesn’t have to be £100-worth of vouchers, just to have appeared in the same transaction. So it could be a £10 voucher on a receipt with £90-worth of Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs and games and you would still be entitled to a refund of the credit under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act (1974). Obviously, this is of less use if the vouchers were a gift but perhaps you can explain the situation to whoever bought you the gift and they might claim back the credit themselves.

If the vouchers were bought using a debit card, the situation is slightly more tricky. Most major debit card providers offer a scheme called Chargeback. Under this scheme, you can claim back money spent on debit cards if they are undelivered, faulty or if the retailer goes bankrupt. If your debit card has a Visa, Mastercard or American Express symbol on it, you’re likely covered by this scheme, phone your bank and ask about it.

Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act will also cover you if you bought goods on a credit card and they are faulty or undelivered. For anyone who might have ordered something but not had it delivered, phone HMV on 020 8495 4434 to see whether your order might still be fulfilled. If the retailer is no longer fulfilling orders, it’s unlikely that they’ll refund you but you’re eligible for all of the schemes listed above as an unsecured creditor.

Any larger goods you’ve bought from HMV recently will almost certainly be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. That is still in place and will not be affected by HMV’s difficulties. If you took out the extended cover (HMV’s was called Extended/Play) at checkout, you’re also in luck. Those schemes are usually underwritten by an insurance company – in this case Allianz – who are legally obliged to honour those contracts, regardless of the status of the retailer who sold it.

Allianz has said that for goods with a value of under £150, customers should initially contact HMV for guidance. For goods worth over £150, go straight to Allianz on 0844 893 9497 or email [email protected] and explain your case.



  1. Good article to post Peter. I know a few people that were all ready to bin their vouchers. Had to explain to them why not. But this is much better. Might have to send them this way.

    If they join do I get a special TSA cake??

    • There’s cake?

      • I’m kind of hoping there is.

      • I want TSA cake :( Maybe someone should make a TSA cake for EGX this year.

      • Cake!? Where!? If i find out there is no cake, TSA will burn! Although in this weather, it would be an improvement.

  2. A guy in Dublin tried to buy some games with a voucher and was refused. He left and took the games anyway.

    • Theft isn’t really the best answer.

      If HMV come out of this the otherside (which is probably likely at the moment), then they’re likely to decide to accept the existing vouchers, otherwise they’re going to alienate the few customers they have left.

    • Yep, that’s theft and he might be prosecuted for it (although if Deloitte press for that, it’d be a PR nightmare).

      Basically, HMV has different owners right now (their creditors, via the administrators) so that’s like if a man owes you €40 and you go and steal €40 from his neighbour down the road, who he also owed money to.

    • Which were worth about £3, he had vouchers for £40 :)

      • In the story I read the guy stole just over €46 worth of games (including a train simulator!) and was telling the reporter he intended posting HMV the vouchers (he hadn’t left them when he walked out) and the cash to make up the difference.
        Completely understand his frustration but it’s not worth getting yourself in bother for.

  3. Good article Peter, lot’s of people upset at not being able to cash in their vouchers.
    I passed by the Cork store at lunchtime, lights are on but it’s shut and there’s a notice stuck to the door – just indicating that administrators have been appointed but little other information.

    • It’s a sad sight.

      Only Waterstones (for how long?) and Easons left on Patrick’s Street for me now. :(

  4. Good post sir, well done. Fingers crossed it goes well

  5. I was in the same boat when Zavvi went bust, luckily the administrators refunded me, although u had to wait a while.

  6. There are other options.. Music Gift with give you half of the value of the vouchers – – better than nothing.

    London restaurant ‘BiG Easy’ will give you a cocktail for your worthless bit of plastic – they do VERY nice cocktails btw :)

    Oldfeilds in Durham will give you 50% off your bill

    • shame I don’t have any vouchers….

  7. Really useful story that differentiates TSA from other websites.

  8. Thanks TSA. I just hope HMV will start honoring this concidering I have £150 pound in vouchers.

  9. meh amazon FTW.

  10. There was a few people just taking the products and leaving the vouchers that’s an option and technically it isn’t theft as people do it with cash when a shop is busy. Also isn’t hmv stealing people’s money by not honouring them. It’s a sad state what’s happening tho and I think it’ll only get worse with places like currys halfords etc closing down next.

    • Yeah, that is technically theft. The vouchers aren’t equivalent to money.

      Yes, HMV do owe you money, but they also owe alot of other people money and there isn’t enough money to pay everyone.

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