HMV Sale Knocks 70% Off All Pre-Owned Games, Including Next Gen

The news from the Twittersphere is that HMV are to stop selling pre-owned games and have wiped a massive 70% off all their current stock on all formats, including next-gen titles.

Industry bod, Mike Adebajo, tweeted this a few moments ago:


He had discovered the sale at the Oxford Street store in London and had purchased this lot for £80, saving himself a massive £191.


We suggest you head down to your nearest HMV, assuming there is one near you.

Thanks to Mike for the tip.



  1. Sadly our local HMV disappeared a while ago – doh!

  2. Wow, that makes most of the next gen games less than £20 each. What a way to get a bargain. Now then, what about pre-owned consoles? :P

  3. That’s worth a stock up even for non launch/early adopters at those prices!

  4. Just been up to HMV Oxf Street – Next Gen has been wiped out, just 2 copies of Killzone left, and piles of tat on PS3 and X360 :(

    • Thanks, Tuffcub. Ya saved me a trip :)

    • cheers Tuffcub, saved me a trip too.

  5. By the time I get to my local HMV all the good stuff will be gone :(

  6. this was mentioned by Frugal Gaming last week. I have too many games as it it so I couldn’t be arsed to get down to my local one this morning.

    Most people are buying just to trade in again.

  7. the only HMV near me was turned into a morrisons ages ago. :(

  8. Good shout, just wish I’d known sooner as my local (Cwmbran) only had old copies of COD, FIFA, and Battlefield left. I did get Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed for £4 though… Plus there were loads of Xbox One games there if that floats your boat!

  9. Was just in hmv Dublin, can confirm this is not the case in Ireland :(

  10. managed to get into leeds about half 12, no ps4 or xbone games left, few ps3 games and 360 games left. managed to get arkham origins on ps3 for £7.49. I think you would have had to be first in the door to have got any ps4 or xbone games! Mike is a lucky guy!

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