Aliens: Colonial Marines Goes Gold – But Where’s The Wii U Version?

Gearbox have proudly proclaimed that Aliens: Colonial Marines has gone gold. That means it’s finished, and ready for production at the plant that sits there all day pressing DVDs and Blu-rays. It also means that it’s going to hit that release date of early February, which is great news.

“When we first announced the release date for Aliens: Colonial Marines back in May 2012, Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford noted that the development had progressed to the point where we could see the end and be very confident in both our vision for the game as well as our launch date,” says the statement.


“Today, we’re proud to announce that we hit every one of those targets, with the game’s gold status indicating that all parties have examined the release candidate and signed off on the code as final and suitable for manufacturing, after which the game will be shipped to retail and propped to digital networks in time for launch on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 come February 12, 2013!”

Hurray! That’s less than a month away and by all accounts the game is actually looking and playing pretty good. As an Aliens fan, I’m up for this.

Well, I was – I’d kinda pinned my hopes on the Wii U version, given that it was meant to be the superior version, not least because of the GamePad motion tracking. But – sadly – that version isn’t mentioned in all the blurb above.

I’m hoping it’s simply just not finished and won’t be far behind, but this isn’t doing Nintendo’s new console much good – third parties need to be releasing their Wii U games day and date with the other console versions, especially just now when it’s the core gamer that’s invested in the new tech – gamers that’ll largely already have PS3 and Xbox 360.

The Wii U version isn’t actually being handled by Gearbox, it’s outsourced to Demiurge. Hopefully it’s not too far behind.



  1. Thought this had been known for a while (fairly sure I read it in my Ninty mag a couple of months ago). Either way, I’m just glad to hear the game is finished and finally coming out, felt like we were never going to get there!

  2. A outsourced version being superior? That will be the day!

    • Yeah, remeber those superior versions of PS3 Bayonetta and Hallf Life 2 that were outsourced!

    • With the relatively large number of consoles on the market at the moment I figure the trend of outsourcing is only going to increase. Developers and publishers need to find a way to make outsourcing work.

      Building familiarity with older games, like Sanzaru did with Sly and Just Add Water with Oddworld games, will only work for some. Maybe the platform holders need to assemble some companies that are the go to developers for outsourcing on their platform and ensure they are involved early and closely with the main developer. After all it is in the best interests of the platform holders to ensure that games work well on their platforms.

  3. Oh dear, an outsourced version of a game. Suspect it will not live up to the other 2 platforms. The problem that the Wii U is currently facing is the lack of faith that the developers have. They feel that there is not a big enough userbase, but in order to get a bigger userbase, it needs 3rd party games which the developers are not keen on doing.

    As for the PS3/360 version, shall wait untill TSA reviews it aka the reviewer requires a change of underwear once they have finished reviewing it. ;)

  4. I can see me partaking in a bit of this think it looks quite good better than aliens versus predator!

  5. Gearbox said last year (when they announced the 12 Feb 2013 date) that the Wii U version would be released at a later time. It’s not looking great that’s there hasn’t been any info since.

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