Disney Infinity Figures Shown As Game Starts Taking Pre-Orders

Despite the game not coming until the end of June, Game has started taking pre-orders for Disney’s impressive-looking title. Retailers have to seize every opportunity they can to sell us a product, I suppose, and given the potential cost of the game and the range of figures, you might welcome the extra time to start saving.

To coincide with the launch of pre-order systems, Game has added a bundle of images to its Pinterest board. The nice big images show nine of those iconic Disney and Pixar characters who will make an appearance, including four from The Incredibles, a trio of characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean series and Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc.


We’ve collected them into the gallery below, for your convenience.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the traditional Disney properties but the Pixar characters are hugely appealing. I’m also having a hard time quelling the excitement about potential Marvel and Star Wars appearances in Disney Infinity.

Source: Pinterest



  1. The styling suits the Incredibles really well, not so much the other characters imo.

    • They had to pick one style for everything, I think it’s a happy medium.

  2. These figures look awesome, especially the Incredibles. Damn I wish they would make a sequel to that already

  3. Can’t wait for Toy Story figures.

  4. If they have Lion King characters, I’m buying it.

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