Podcast: Episode 88 – DmC, HMV and Dredd

This week’s podcast has an alarming absence of Kev. It’s also probably the most sensible podcast we’ve done in a while, which will either please or dismay you. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of irreverence, it’s just that we also managed to remain sensible for a couple of interesting discussions.

We talked about the current problems at HMV, Disney Infinity and Opera. I know. Kris tells us about DmC Devil May Cry and Lewis’ quiz is very clever. I talked a bit about Dredd and how surprisingly close they managed to write the main character.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Thanks for attempting to answer my question. Sorry you didn’t really understand it. I made it intentionally ambiguous in order to try and spark discussion based on however you interpreted it.

    For example, I’m 32, but I ‘feel’ like I did in my 20s. So if I woke up from a coma or something and my identity was completely lost, based on the way I think and the things I enjoy and the way I look, etc… I’d probably say I was about 25ish.

    In contrast, you might look much older than you actually are, like the kid at school who is 6ft, built like a tank and has a full on beard. So if he woke up from a coma, he might think he’s 30, when in fact he’s only 15!

    It’s a question that is almost certainly enhanced with the consumption of marijuana.

    • Don’t worry; I understood. However, I think there’d be two answers – one based on physicality and one just on mental/emotional maturity.

      • I understood it as well. Peter is just.. Peter.. :D

  2. i’d eat horse, i’d kinda like to know i was eating it, but it wouldn’t be a problem for me.

    i don’t worry about which machine will be more powerful, not when one of my favourite games of this gen was Xenoblade on the wii, a machine which is undeniably the least powerful machine this generation.

    i thought they did a fantastic job with the Dredd movie.
    Karl Urban did a great job, i’m not one of those people who thinks because he never takes the helmet off in the comic, he can’t take it off in the movie, but kudos to Urban for his willingness to not show his face, i can’t imagine many actors who’d be willing to do that.

    the character was there, Dredd can be a real bastard, and a right fascist.
    i remember one story where he scared a bunch of kids in school into informing on their parents.
    but he’s totally dedicated to the law, he would die to protect the citizens of Mega City One, but he also wouldn’t hesitate to execute them if their crimes were severe enough.

    the main cast were all very good, Olivia Thirlby was great as a young Anderson.
    a role that could become important if the movie gets any sequels, not looking that likely right now, the box office wasn’t great, but maybe home video sales could make sequels a more attractive proposition, as Anderson would be a key figure if the dark judges show up.
    and apparently that’s where Alex Garland would like to go in a future movie.

    the dark judges should be returning to the pages of 2000AD some time this year as well.

    and Lena Heady made a great villian, quite a bit of menace, and a whole lot of crazy.
    if you haven’t seen it yet there’s a prequel comic that shows a bit of Ma Ma’s path to taking over Peach Trees block.
    it was free on the itunes book store a while back, and there’s a motion comic version.

    i think they did a great job with a limited budget on this film, the 3d effects especially.
    the slow mo stuff works really well with 3d as you can see everything clearly, not like many 3d films where it’s all fast moving and you can’t really appreciate the effect.
    one great scene was when Ma Ma was on slow mo and in the bath and she raises her arm out of the water, you can see the way the water moves and all the individual droplets.

    it was interesting the way they showed Mega City One in this movie, it wasn’t the fully formed city you see in the comics, it was more like the early days of the mega city when they were just building the mega city block but the rest of the city still comprised the old buildings.

    i’m hoping to get the movie on Bluray soon.

    i’m not sure about question one of the quiz, GTA V isn’t the 15th GTA is it?

    GTA 1
    GTA 2
    GTA london.
    GTA 3
    GTA Vice City.
    GTA Liberty City.
    GTA San Andreas.
    GTA Liberty City Stories.
    GTA Vice city Stories.
    GTA IV.
    Lost and The Damned.
    Ballad of Gay Tony.
    Chinatown Wars.

    that’s only thirteen, what did i miss?

    anyway, i got five right.
    i got number 6. ^_^

    i just had a thought, what about Condemned 2 for Wii U?
    there was that handheld tool thing you scan stuff in with in game.
    replicate that with the gamepad screen.
    similar to what Ubisoft have done with that Zombie U game.

    • YAY! the wall of text is back! / Also, stop doing wall of texts. :P

      I think Lewis doesn’t count the expansions as a full GTA game as they are just expansions.

      • i would stop, but the Wall-O-Text™ tech has gained self awareness and makes me do it.

        i’m a lazy cow really, i just wanted to say “Dredd is pretty good”, but it wouldn’t let me. O_O

        it wants to take over the world.
        like skynet but since it doesn’t have access to nukes it wants to bore you all to death.

      • I would agree about the lazy cow remark but i suspect i would wake up with the head of EA and SCEE’s heads next to me. :O

        I shall do my best to thwart Walloftextnet. I need a leather jacket, the ability to do a decent Arnie impression, a shotgun, a motorbike and the rights to do 2 excellent films and one unneccessary film followed by a sequel that will be met with a mixed reaction. Oh and an iconic theme.

      • heads of ea and scee’s heads?
        too much work, besides i’m an old fashioned girl, i’d go with the classic horses head.

        though, not having access to a horse i’d have to make do with a pack of tescos value hamburgers. ^_^

    • GTA3 and Liberty City are the same thing!

      • uhm, i knew that.

        i mean, congratulations, you win one point for spotting my deliberate mistake. >_>

    • Complete list is:

      GTA London, 1969
      GTA London, 1961
      GTA 2
      GTA 3
      GTA Vice City
      GTA Advance
      GTA San Andreas
      GTA Liberty City Stories
      GTA Vice City Stories
      GTA IV
      GTA Lost and The Damned
      GTA Chinatown Wars
      GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony

      That’s 14.

      • there were two GTA London games?
        i never knew that.

        you learn something new every day.
        some days.
        well today at least. ^_^

        and i wasn’t aware there was a GBA GTA.
        i’ll have to see if i can pick up a copy on Ebay.

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