Famitsu Says The Vita is Japan’s Most Desired Console

Famitsu has run a survey of its readers, asking them which console they most want. The Vita has won, quite comfortably. There are a few caveats to these survey results, though, before we get too enthusiastic about the near future of Sony’s lovely little handheld in Japan.

Firstly, it’s Famitsu readers. Those are generally the very savvy, core gamers rather than the masses of casual players who really send sales figures stratospheric.


Secondly, the Vita has – by some distance – the lowest existing install base of the traditional consoles. That means that many respondents will already have most or all of the other consoles listed but not yet own a Vita. So of course it will be the one they want.

It’s telling that iOS devices rank so low down on the list, Apple doesn’t enjoy the same adulation in Japan as it does in the western hemisphere. Here’s the results:

  1. PS Vita – 64%
  2. 3DS – 48%
  3. Wii U – 34%
  4. PS3 – 25%
  5. PC – 14%
  6. Xbox 360 – 11%
  7. Smartphone – 10%
  8. PSP – 10%
  9. Wii – 9%
  10. iPad – 7%
  11. DSi / DSiXL – 5%
  12. iPhone – 5%
  13. iPod Touch – 4%
  14. Other – 2%

Perhaps a more telling poll would have been to ask which of the expected next generation of consoles the magazine’s readers were hoping to buy. Even without any firm details, that would at least have demonstrated brand loyalty.

Source: Famitsu, via CVG



  1. That’s a strange way of presenting the results.

    There’s certainly more than 100% on that table.

    Is it how many times a console appeared on a list rather than asking which one they wanted most? Because the second question would have been better to ask than the first.

    • Surely it’s just the percentage of people that wanted that console. So 11% of surveyees wanted a 360.

      • yes, it was basically “which of these consoles do you want?” and respondents could select more than one.

    • Looking at the source it seems the question is not “which one do you want most?” but rather “which of the following do you plan to purchase in 2013?” At least that is what I assumed as the opening paragraph at CVG says: “The questionnaire, conducted and published by Famitsu, found that 64 per cent of respondents said they were looking to purchase a Vita in 2013.” We have the answer does anyone know exactly what the question was?

      I actually prefer the thought that they asked people what they plan to buy. I think if you like something, you need to put your money where your mouth is to support it. So I find it more interesting to know about that but I do not expect everyone (anyone?) to agree with me.

  2. Vita is good console that is not really expensive by gaming standards – I mean how much will the PS4/720 be hmm?

    However it is no surprise that it may be the most desired in a poll because even though it is not expensive for what you are getting, £200+ (bordering on to £300 with decent memory and non-plus games) is no likely amount of money these days. I barely made the scrape on release, but I did with thanks to HMV’s sensibility on pricing *sigh*. also Japan get a ton load of RPGs and other games which for me sold the 6 years of service from my old PSP. Just waiting for persona 4, damn it I can’t wait…. argh.

    • Gamestop have being selling the wi-fi version with 4GB card and NFS for £140.

  3. I just wish there were more decent games available on the vita. Does anyone use an import site, & if so which is the best to buy from?

  4. But couldnt it be the same with iOS devices as with the 3DS? That every single japanese has an iphone already?

    • More likely they have a Sony smartphone. Japan is very loyal to its own companies which is part of the reason the 360 struggles.

      • You’d be surprised, from what Ive seen, its eather iPhones or Galaxy IIIs, but mainly iPhones.

      • Xperia Z looks like it could be a winner already want it over my galaxy s3.

    • Possibly. Historically, the iPhone wasn’t so popular in Japan but I’ve just looked into latest figures and it was the best selling smartphone of 2012 with over 25 per cent market share now.

    • Android is pretty poular in Japan. As of Aug 12 Android’s marketshare was at 64% compared to iOS’s 32%.

      • That just shows how big iphones are there, since most other brands use android but only apple uses iOS.

      • Not really. All it says is that Apple only ever has a maximum of 2-3 phones up for sale at any given time.
        This reminds me of the discussion about that DmC petition. Choice is a bad thing, right? ; )

  5. 10% wanted a PSP?? Who in Japan doesn’t already have one?

    • the populations huge lol.. I’m sure theres still many wanting one since they’re still releasing games on it, mainly anime stuff I think heh.

  6. The Japanese love their PSPs, isn’t it also natural that a majority will want it’s successor over any other console?

  7. I hate on it a lot but honestly I’d love to have my Vita back, at least now that it supports PS1 games. Playing a bit of TR2 and FF7 on a handheld sounds good to me.
    As always however it comes down to cost. It’s far, far too expensive for what it is and needs a major price drop before I would consider it.

  8. Have to say, been checking the Japanese games market. There are still loads of games being published for the PSP. Unfortunately, most of these are still not being released for the Vita. Of course, most of these games will never see western release either. Guess it’s a good reason to learn Japanese asap!

    Planning to reserve a copy of Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus limited edition for my vita, to give me the incentive to… errr… study.

    • I would absolutely still be playing my PSP if the West was seeing the releases it’s getting in Japan – as you say though they won’t make it over here – they tend to be text heavy RPG’s and the localisation seemingly isn’t worth the trouble…

  9. What I really found interesting about this is how little the Japanese apparently care about the iPad… Or is it also because they have one already? This poll is confusing in that sense. I want to be happy for the Vita, but then maybe they want it because they haven’t been able to afford it. Confusing poll, indeed.

    • Probably not interested in Tablets I guess, maybe due to size?

      • I’d say it’s down to brand loyality and last time I’ve checked there isn’t any Japanese or other Asian company that sells iPads with iOS. :P

      • They could at least want an ipad mini, though. Yeah maybe they just despise iOS.

  10. I most desire a redesign and cheaper memory cards……

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