New LEGO City: Undercover Trailer Takes Aim At GTA

Of all the Wii U’s exclusive titles, LEGO City: Undercover seems the one that’ll appeal to Nintendo’s younger audience. It is, from the looks of this recent trailer, an open-world Grand Theft Auto-esque adventure but it’s wrapped in cute visuals and free from blood, swearing and guns.

It’s actually pretty funny, too, with some nice references to other games (was that a nod to Zelda, there?) and the graphics are considerably improved since the last time we saw it. Yes, the frame rate’s not perfect but the horrendous tearing is gone. Swings and roundabouts, eh?


LEGO City: Undercover is expected in the next couple of months. Hopefully today’s Nintendo Direct, focused on the Wii U, will lock down some much needed release dates for the system.



  1. This looks like great fun.

  2. i actually quite like the look of that.
    any game where you can shoot a pig out of a cannon has got to be worth playing. ^_^

  3. The Lego games have always conveyed a good level of humour and this looks like it’ll continue that. Definitely looking forward to it!

  4. I loved Lego Island on the PC back in the day, even though it only ran at around 5-10 fps… If I ever buy a Wii U, I will definitely pick this up.

  5. The last thing i needed was a reason to buy a wii U dammit! Looks like hours of fun gameplay right there. Plus with Legos multiplayer it will be even better.

  6. Cannot wait. Bet the devs must be loving handling a much larger project than usual.

  7. This is the only game I would consider buying a Wii U for, but after reading an interview with the head honcho over at Travellers Tales and him saying “We are always looking for ways to bring our Lego experiences to new audiences, whether that be porting the game (Lego City Undercover) to new platforms…” I still live in hope that this will be a launch title for the PSBox720rbis or whatever.

  8. Such a shame it’s exclusive to Wii U…but then again GTA V on PS3 next year is a pretty good compromise.

  9. Liking the MGS section! However am I only the only one who hates the constant picking up pieces in the Lego games they always seem to have? Maybe it’s just my OCD making me spend hours trying to collect them all, can’t leave just one in the corner…

    • Lol, my wife is like that. I just want to carry on going through the level and shes searching every corner for every possible stud and hidden extra. Suffice to say the Lego games take us a while to play though :)

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