New “Kick Ass” Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer

SEGA have just released a brand new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines. The video, which contains lots of action and hints at what might be going on in the story, at least captures the atmosphere of the movie – the sounds in particular are spot on and the aliens (and guns) look great.

We’re hoping to get our hands on the game very soon, but failing that the game’s out next month and will hopefully, finally, satisfy life-long Aliens fans with a game that lives up the film.


In the meantime, check our detailed hands-on preview and interview with the team behind the game, which highlights some of the multiplayer aspects along with our general thoughts on the adaptation. Hopefully Gearbox can carry the momentum into the full game.



  1. Loved that trailer actually has me a tad interested may give this a rent me thinks!

    • do you still have that demo for GOW mate?

  2. not long now trailer was great.

  3. Arrgh! Why are there so many great games coming out in quick succession? Rayman Legends is a given, as is Tomb Raider but I’m still undecided whether to pick up this or Metal Gear Rising.
    I was going to give both a miss and check them out a couple of months later but, after Ninty’s Direct video yesterday, it looks like those months are going to be pretty busy too, lol.
    I sense a backlog of games somehow.

    • great year for gaming this year.

      • Your not wrong there skibs,i’m glad i just bought a new hdd.Let the games begin.8).

  4. Cannot ‘effing wait for this!!!

  5. Worth the wait by the looks of this.

  6. “We’re not just fighting for the human race…. we’re fighting for the title of baddest motherfuckers in the galaxy”

    Done! *walks out of thread*

  7. Looking forward to this, but that voice acting was cheesy as fook!

  8. Already pre-ordered and if i’m honest that vid made me cum a little

  9. I thought the trailer gave too much away. For instance, the turrets, why not just do a few slow fly-bys looking directly at them in a post fire status? The iconic yellow cargo rig, why not just show the marine getting strapped in and powering up? One of the first laws of horror is to not show the bad guy, keep them out of sight but make sure that the viewer is aware of the their presence, or not… This trailer makes the game look like a straight up shooter rather than a suspenseful space horror.
    Also very much looking forward to reviews of the multiplayer. True, MP is not the be all and end all but, in this generation of games it tends to be a given that an MP section will be included. I worry that MP with two tactically differing sides may make the MP unbalanced.

  10. if its anything like the last one, its a miss. Trailer looked alright but still not convinced.

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