February’s PlayStation Plus Games Revealed

Next month’s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection content has been revealed today, and it’s another solid month for the service which continues to grow and grow each month, especially with regards to the ‘free’ games that are included with the rather nominal fee.

This month there are five titles to choose from, although – of course – you can just grab them all.


On the PS Vita are two games that we’d definitely recommend – Lumines and Wipeout 2048. The first scored a solid 8/10 in our review, as did WipEout 2048, which is a superb near-future racer with the best engine sound effects ever created.

Over on the PS3 it’s a trio of new stuff – F1 Race Stars (a healthy enough 6/10), the puzzler Quantum Conundrum and the rather brilliant Sleeping Dogs.

PlayStation 3:

  • F1 Race Stars – 6th February
  • Sleeping Dogs – 6th February
  • Quantum Conundrum – 6th February

PlayStation Vita:

  • WipEout 2048 – 13th February
  • Lumines – 20th February

The new games will be available to subscribers from 6th February. At that point Plus will also be 30% off on the 90 day membership, a deal which is available until the 20th. People already subscribing can use this promo to ‘stack’ their subscription, too.

There’s easily enough gaming there for the whole month, especially if you own both consoles. We’d be very keen to know how Sony are going to keep this momentum going next generation, as there simply won’t be the big library of back catalogue titles on the PS4 for some time. Perhaps Plus will be more about services (remember Gaikai) than games.



  1. Pretty freaking impressed by that
    Awesome again

    • Yeah, really good. Out of nowhere too!

  2. Wow some amazing games. You really are missing out if you have not got PS+ already.

  3. Sleeping Dogs for me. I say it every month but it’s true: PS+ is great.

  4. Impressive line up this time around.

  5. Mary mother of kratos!!! Sleeping dogs, I was going pick this up on the 1st of feb along with Hitman HD collection plus I’m getting the new red 500gb ps3 in feb. best month.

  6. Definitely good for those who don’t have a family or girlfriend lol

    • says the guy who spends his/her time on gaming web-sites.

      • well I have to do something while I’m at work don’t I?

    • I have both a family and a girlfriend and a mortgage. And plus is a godsend I can’t afford brand new games. Plus gives me everything I want for £40 a year. Which means I don’t get ear ache from the Mrs for spending money on games :)

      • I agree with Mr_writer

      • Ur Mr Hero.

      • For me I would rather spend that £40 on a game I actually want to play though, instead of something thats old and probably not my cup of tea.

        Glad you prefer the opposite though, each to their own :)

      • You’re loss I guess ;)

      • I’m in a similar position (mortgage, kids, master) and the best thing about plus is that it forces me to play games I wouldn’t normally choose to play. Favourite game of last few months was Arkham City (what a game! lasted more than a month) and Limbo – awesome. Also loved Crysis 2. Wouldn’t have played these otherwise. I’m also loving Mortal Kombat and I usually hate fighter games.

      • Thats my view too. I have to save all year to get one game, had to save for assassins creed so that our budget wasn’t affected. Mortgages, family, saving for wedding and such all hits the gaming budget but now I have loads of games albeit older ones but still means I don’t break the bank. PS+ is heavenly :)

  7. Amazing. Sleeping Dogs is obviously the stand out game but I’m actually excited about Quantum Conundrum. It looks like a lot of fun.

    • Its not. I bought it for a fiver.

      • Hmmm that is disappointing to hear. All the trailers had me interested too.

      • Don’t worry about it mate, everyone has there likes and dislikes when it comes to gaming. It is a great game that sadly didn’t get the exposure it should of.

        Just because Tuffcub didn’t like it, doesn’t mean you won’t either. I bought the game when it came out and both expansion packs because I liked it that much. If you like puzzlers you will love it – trying to get the goal times and shift goals is the tricky bit but adds to the fun.

      • I’ve got to agree with Bankzy here, I bought it when it was released and I thought it was a really fun puzzle platformer and worth the price.

  8. Interesting to see Sleeping Dogs featured, given its recent appearance in the sale… I’m sure those purchasers will be over the moon that a few days later it’s free.

    Reaffirms my opinion never to buy any AAA unless it’s the kind of thing you’re super excited for & want to get in there at the beginning.

    Great games for me to add to my download list though, hopefully I’ll get to play them soon too

    • Lmao awesome! I bought it when it was sub £15 on the psn store pretty recently. It had an extra ps+ discount too, so weird that they have added it now. Pretty annoyed tbh same with wipeout, pay for the best model get something for free then get it again. Not too bothered about that but sleeping dogs is a wind up. Certainly not going to be topping up my psn account to purchase sale items anytime in the future.

    • I NEVER get the whole ‘But I bought that in the sale’.

      If you have plus, ANY game that you can download could be at some point be on plus.

      That is the risk you take. However look at this way, when you’re plus sub ends you can still play Sleeping Dogs.

      • Yeah I get you, I’m not stupid. What I’m referring to is not the I bought it already thing, I’ve had 60-70% of the games on ps plus since its inception. This month is no different. What I’m annoyed about is specifically offering a discount to ps plus members on content, I had previously assumed such a discount having been negotiated with the publishers if a title meant it wouldn’t be added to ps plus in the near future. I was wrong lol

      • Yep..

        You’re a PS+ subscriber, give us some money for this well thought of game, it’s too good an offer to turn down… week later… haha you fools, here you can have it for free really.

  9. Already have Wipeout from Vodafone for topping up when I got the console but a great game for those who don’t have it yet. I was holding off buying LBP Vita just in case it was free on PS+. Got Sleeping Dogs in the Steam sale for £2.69 over wise I’d look forward to that. Only had PS+ a month after I realised Gravity Rush was free and it was only £29.99 for a year and I already feel its been great value.

    • I didn’t get WipEout free when I topped up my £5 Vodafone Sim. Them they replaced defective soon and bought a voucher from their shop and topped up next Sim and the still didn’t get it , then I topped up thru the app on Vita and sill didn’t get it. After lots of argument with them on the phone still didn’t get it. So threw Sim away after using credit and decided I’m never using them again. Do I’m glad to get it after boycotting it for so long. As this was the reason I got vita. Oh and after a recent hard drive crash. I can’t red download WipEout HD from PS store because its not showing up for me lol.

  10. Oh well, just Lumines for me, already own/have owned all the others.

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