Rare’s George Andreas Joins Sony From Microsoft

George Andreas, the man at Rare who was hugely instrumental in how Kinect was formed at Microsoft (and was the guy behind the two Kinect Sports games) has left the company to join Sony Europe on projects unannounced, according to reports emerging this afternoon.

He was also behind the two Rare Xbox 360 launch titles – Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero – and has worked for Rare for 16 years. Goldeneye 64? Banjo Kazooie? Killer Instinct? He had a hand in them all.


Andreas is a great catch for Sony, especially as next-gen rumours start to really kick off. The latest set of PS4 tittle tattle suggests that the console will have a dual camera array and will be Move focused – the former Rare man is well versed with motion control and can hopefully pass on his considerable knowledge to his new employer.

We wish him luck in his new venture.



  1. A great catch for SCEE.

  2. Sounds like a guy with an impressive CV, no wonder Sony reeled him in.

  3. Sorry to sound negative :-D but i really couldn’t give a dam about any future MOVE & Cr*ppy Kinect style features for the PS4 :-/ I ‘HOPE TO GOD’ the PS4 has no motion control cr*p built-in + No real PlayStation Fan wants ‘Kinect’?!?! The internet makes out it’s the must have thing in gaming & they make out SONY’s next PlayStation must have it, er NO LoL:D Add-ons(MOVE Cam etc etc) are o.k because i don’t have to waste my money buying them if i don’t want it + RARE were only good in the ‘N64’ days really & the best guys at RARE in the old N64 days all went to make the brilliant ‘TimeSplitters’ games :-P

    • Prepare to be disappointed. PS4 will 99% have Move at its heart.


      • I would be very surprised if Move or a future equivalent was allowed to dominate Sony’s thinking. As I’m not sure that people would be willing to spend £300 on such a console.

      • I dont know why, its not as if the move has really taken off.

    • You? Negative! *feigns surprise* JBoo… how could you?!

    • You’re allowed to type the word ‘crappy’ on the Internet.

      No secret police are going to pop up behind you and shoot you before your comment is finis

  4. Motion control is great for dancing games. That’s it.

    • Yeah they were dancin and singin and movin to the groovin and just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted….

    • thats exactly it. I can’t think of one game I’ve played and seen that actually implements Move properly. It’s a total waste investing in it if they don’t come up with decent games for it.

  5. Do you think Sony and Microsoft swap employees from time-to-time just to spy, beat them up a bit then return them broken? I would.

    • Now that wouldn’t surprise me the spying part not the beating them up and returning them broke bit :D

    • Broken or broken in?

    • Jack Tretton’s office is like an S&M dungeon.

  6. A great addition for Sony no doubt, but it’s a bit late for launch titles. Sony will need a strong line up, hopefully they’ve learnt from Vita’s failures.

  7. Was he involved with the Kinect tech.or just the games? as other that need to recalibrate Move everytime you changed games, thought Move tech was ‘superior’ to Kinects in terms of it’s tracking etc.

    With PS3 Eye Toy, always thought it ‘odd’ Sony never did that much with it when PS3 launched, whilst i’m not a fan of motion control, seeing what it achived on PS2, i had expected it to be a kery part of PS3 1st wave games.Think Burnout Paradise used it, Eye Of Judgement, few others? but it was a very muted part, or so it seemed, until Move appeared from Sony’s R+D labs where it had languished since PS2 Eye Toy days.

    IF Move is to be part of PS4 from the off (and part of me hopes it’s not), then Sony really need to have ‘Only possible via Move 2’ type games rather than it offering just another control scheme.

    Did’nt the whole motion control bubble spring a leak after the inital novelty factor wore off? know Move has been a slow and steady seller for Sony, but seem to recal Kinect sales dropping off sharply after a few months.

    Wonder what they’ve got planned to try and get folks on board with it next gen?Hope it’s a lot more than some sports or fitness stuff.

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