Dead Space 3 Will Be The Same On PC, No Upgrades Over Console Versions

Got a top of the range PC? Want to buy Dead Space 3 to really show it off? Well, that might not be so wise, because – basically – it’s going to look exactly the same as the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

That’s according to the game’s executive producer Steve Papoutsis, who told Shacknews that they’re not putting a huge amount of effort into the PC port. That’s odd, given that both Crysis and Battlefield both look stunning on a decent rig.


“We continue to evolve our games as we develop them, but we certainly don’t target PC as something that’s going to be significantly different,” he said. “We aren’t trying to create disparity in the experience that our gamers enjoy; we want to make sure everyone’s having that same experience.

“At our studio we’ve always made console games. The biggest thing is we want to make sure the quality of the experience is consistent across all platforms so we don’t have one userbase saying it’s better on their system.”

It’s OK though – PC owners won’t have to use a smelly old controller. “The fact that we’re allowing you to control the game with a mouse and keyboard immediately makes the game feel different,” he added. That’s a really nice gesture.

Not that EA and Visceral aren’t giving the PC version a fair shot. “We seem a little bit discredited for the amount of effort that goes into it, quite honestly,” he remarked. “We want it to be great on all systems, that’s our approach.”

Dead Space 3 has suffered a fair bit of negative PR since its announcement. If it’s not co-op, it’s snowy outdoor sections. If it’s not those it’s microtransactions designed to soak up all your money in exchange for in-game currency. Poor game can’t catch a break.



  1. They did the same with the first 2, barley any graphics options you can change in game at all, just lazy if you ask me.

  2. That is a fairly decent reason, except for one major flaw, the PC platform has a wide variety of setups and most PC gamers expect to be able to fiddle with the settings in order to get a better version without the game crashing or vomiting the graphics everywhere. The truth is that they didn’t want to or couldn’t be arsed to make a decent PC version thus ported it over from the console version thus putting off 20-40% of PC gamers(just generalising here). Wonder if they will include the abilitiy to mod the game?

  3. “Dead Space 3 Will Be The Same On PC”… until the modding community gets its hands on it.

  4. With that attitude they don’t have to wonder why their franchise is not relevant in the PC scene. While a higher resolution will already do a lot for the game’s looks, they could at least put a little effort into a decent port instead of focusing 90% of the devs on implementing microtransactions… :P

  5. Having moved from console gaming to PC gaming of course I would like to see effort go into PC versions, but as long as the port isn’t terrible (*cough* Dark Souls *cough*), I don’t care because it probably means that the team are spending the time improving other aspects.

    In the end, I tend to buy only two or three games each year for more than a fiver and just buy loads of older games for ridiculously low prices during the Steam sales at which point I’m honestly not so bothered by the graphics. Last sale, I got Fallout 3 and New Vegas for £10 combined and they look god awful, but I loved them nonetheless.

  6. Played this in co op on PS3 last night and it was a LOT better than I was expecting after all the negativity, It’s still pretty creepy and has a very unique atmosphere to it.

    Has now become a day one purchase for me

    • I get downvoted (from another site) by suggesting that Elders Scrolls should have some form of Online co-op. Gamers cannot accept change it seems.

  7. Besides the IAP, I don’t get why theres any complaints of DS3 having co-op or being in some snowy planet. Its funny.

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