Podcast: Episode 89 – Dead Space 3, Metal Gear Rising and The Imposter

Apologies for the late podcast this week, I forgot to post it on time. Kris will no doubt shout at me next time we settle in for a recording though, so don’t worry – I won’t have gotten away with it.

This week’s podcast sees the four regulars back together for plenty of chat about THQ in our news segment before we move on to discuss what we’ve been doing this week.

I’d played Dead Space 3 and Metal Gear Rising demos as well as watched Django Unchained. Kris seems to have had a quiet week while Lewis has been watching a film called The Imposter, about a man who claims to be the long-lost son of a bereaved family. We also managed to squeeze in some chat about Lawless, the movie which made both Lewis and I rethink our policy of constant derision concerning Shia LaBeouf. Oh, and Kev has been learning the rules to American Football by playing Madden 11. There’s no better way.

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  1. they’ve announced that Shield is definitely set after the Avengers.
    so it seems Coulson is still alive.

    you’ve probably seen the news now that J.J. Abrams has been confirmed as the director of the first of the new Star Wars movies

    i got seven in the quiz, i didn’t get number 10 though.

    i never would have guessed the actual answer.

    talking about unusual production companies, did you know Mel Brooks production company produced David Cronenberg’s The Fly.
    i was suprised when i discovered that.

    actually i would have counted audiobooks, i didn’t think of them at the time, but never mind.

    i’ve read the first book of the Scott Pilgrim series, and the first two books of The Game of Thrones series.
    both brilliant series i want to read more of.

    Zoo City sounds interesting, some of these alternate world books can be good.
    that one reminds me a bit of Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, where everybody in the world the story starts, has these deamons, sort of animal companions that are a manifestation of half of their soul, or something like that, it’s been a few years since i read the books.
    another pretty good series.

    the last book i read was Under the Dome by Stephen King.

    a fantastic book, there’s a constant building of tension throughout the book, and it doesn’t start lightly, in the first chapter several people die when the dome comes down and there’s a murder.
    it’s fantastic how he has everything goes so bad so quickly yet still believably.
    from a quiet day to almost literally hell on earth within the space of a week or two.

    and dayum, those Rennies are bloody mental.

    i’ve heard there are plans in the works for a tv version, though changing things to stretch it out a bit, because the timescale of the book is only about a week or two.
    i look forward to seeing that if they can do it well.
    and they’ve got all they need there for a great series.
    and with the dome being invisible, it could be cheap to make. ^_^

  2. Peter said “Nintendo make games for people who lke Nintendo, thats fine” which I disagree with.

    Id buy a Ninty if there was a game to tempt me, but buy continually racking out the same 3-4 games every year, there is nothing to make me want to buy the system.

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