GRID 2 Dated, Pre-Order Packs Announced

Codemasters have announced the release date for their next racer – GRID 2. The game will be out on PS3, PC and 360 on May 31st. Alongside the regular purchase of the game, there’s also going to be a Special Edition which includes extra content that you can redeem online.

In addition, in the UK, if you pre-order the game at GAME there’s the Brands Hatch Edition, which includes two additional content packs. The first pack will unlock a McLaren MP4-12C GT3 and two new routes around Brands hatch; the second pack is the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 GT and in-game discounts for the Upgrade Store.


The cars are shown below:

We really liked GRID 2 when we played it recently, with our man Stefan saying the game felt “accessible and arcadey” in spite of the game’s TrueSkill system that adapts to the player. The game uses the latest generation of Codemasters’ EGO engine, which offers 60fps on PC and a rock solid 30fps on current-gen consoles.



  1. GRID was one of my faveourite racers ever released aside from Gran Turismo. So here’s hoping this one is just as good.

    • Same here, I hope they don’t mess it up like they did with the CM/Dirt series.

  2. All I want are Touring Cars. I’ll be a happy chappy then. However, if not, then a range of GT3 spec cars would be mega fun. High hopes for Grid2.

    • TOCA and TOCA 2 were brilliant! I would love a game based on the BTCC but realise that it’s unlikely as it’s appeal basically, is limited to the UK. I’d be more than happy to settle for one based on the FIA WTCC though…

      • it was licensed to Simbin I think.

    • Just checked out Simbin’s website. Doesn’t inspire me to try their Race 07 (6 years old!) game that the license is used on…

    • Same Tom, but it’s not happening. The TOCA days are gone and they don’t don’t have the license for BTCC or WTCC as far I’m aware or for anything along those lines.
      It’ll just be a Shift clone, which is no bad thing, but not the masterpiece that a Touring car sim series could have been……profit has to dictate the audience they must aim for I guess.
      Still looking forward to it anyhoo ;)

  3. Missed out on the first one but this does look good. I hope its not overly arcadey though

    • The first one was a really nice balance, a bit more towards Gran Turismo than Need For Speed Shift on the slidy scale of racers. It took a bit of time to master but made all of the driving satisfyingly fun!

  4. So I need to decide which tracks I want to decide what pre-order to get? Horrible. Fragmenting the online before you start.

    I really want to enjoy this game but honestly not expecting to, bring back the TOCA games!

    • Indeed, though I’d expect those extras to be purchasable on PSN at release, or very soon after.

  5. Nice! GRID was a really good racer I thought, I picked it up very late for like £5 and it was some of the best £5’s I spent this gen.

  6. *Air fist jump* Whoo Hoo!
    I love GRID best racing that was (4/5 years ago?)
    Cannot wait

  7. Can not wait for this. PLayed the first one online loads….

  8. All the first was missing was trophy support. Such a good game.

  9. Might not pick this up, GRID made me kick a whole in the roof.
    Don’t want to tempt fate.

  10. Loved the original GRID, I just hope they have changed the physics because going back to it, it feels like controlling melted butter in the hands.

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