WeView Verdict: Dishonored

This week many of you decided to honour Dishonored by praising it. Yeah, I know that pun’s a little clumsy, but it’s really the best I could come up with. What I’m trying to say is most of you liked the game ok? That’s what I’m going for here.

For example, Taylor Made was pretty into the game, saying “Buy it BUY IT BUY IT!!! This game is freaking awesome. It’s an honor to play dishonored!” That’s sheer excitement right there, and also features a better pun than I managed.

[drop]jbni was a little more expansive, and was impressed that the game got them playing “into the wee small hours of the morning” despite being an “old jaded gamer.” TSBonyman concurred with jbni, saying that “it’s one of those games that you can get immersed into and enjoy for five or six hours at a time.”

keaneplay found a lot to like in the game’s flexibility, saying, “The fact that there were multiple ways to get to an objective and a fair few different abilities to try meant that the game had good replay-ability,” they bemoaned the lack of New Game Plus, as did parryman.

Despite the lack of that particular feature, the options the game gives you seemed to be its most appealing feature. jbni really enjoyed the way you had the “freedom to take a John J Rambo approach or, like me, go softly softly”, while LTG Davey said that “the freedom you are given when it comes to gameplay is likely to appeal to you regardless of your preferred playstyle.”

However, jimmy-google took the opposite stance, saying that “Because Dishonored is neither a FPS or a stealth game it sometimes doesn’t quite work at being either,” and went on to call it “a jack of all trades but master of none.” On the plus side he did find that it made him even more excited for Thief 4, so that’s something.

Of course it would be remiss of me not to draw out some comments on the game’s magic powers, and we’ll turn to The Lone Steven first. He felt that the choices you had were a bit limited, saying the game needed “more powers as there are only a few and chances are you will only need a few.” In some respects keaneplay agreed, finding they only really needed the Blink ability. However, they did point out that that “ability alone made the game feel unique and I thoroughly enjoyed playing through the game with just this one ability.”

We now turn to the overall verdict of the game, and it’s pretty positive this week. Just three of you rated it as a Rent It, mostly because they felt it lacked replay value, while the remaining twelve all decided on Buy It.

Finally, there’s the matter of the poll for next week’s WeView. Borderlands 2 has dropped off, as it came in top last week and will be this week’s WeView game, while Prototype 2 has vanished for the opposite reason. Replacing them are Scribblenauts Unlimited and Far Cry 3, which I suspect may come out firmly on top. As always you have until 11:59pm on Sunday to cast your vote.


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  1. Hopefully let FarCry3 win that poll, I have some stuff to say about that unpolished turd.

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