Dead Space 3 Reviews Roll In

It seems like ages ago since the first leaks appeared, with Dead Space 3’s co-op multiplayer the subject of much discussion – should an action horror title like this really be played with a buddy? Well, yes – it’s actually rather good fun, but the pre-release critique didn’t stop there.

First were the changes due to the first two games being “too scary”, then the Kinect voice controls and then the news that EA wanted your money for in-game money, that one caused quite a stir.


But now, finally (and frustratingly for some, a few hours after the game was made available to everyone on the PSN Store) the review embargo is up. Was all that fuss just a flash in the pan? Is the game actually pretty damn good after all? Let’s see.

  • Eurogamer: 7/10 – “It’s certainly not a great game, except perhaps as a poster child for the kitchen-sink development mentality of a console generation in its twilight months.”
  • CVG: 7.3/10 – “In the end, Dead Space 3’s co-op mode ends up mirroring the single-player experience: slick, entertaining, with the occasional moment of brilliance, marred by a lack of tension, pacing and pant-filling scares.”
  • Joystiq: 4.5/5 – “This can’t repeat the original Dead Space‘s first-blush brilliance, but it does make this sequel an interesting, thoughtfully constructed horror game. Dead Space 3‘s only major stumble, which is forgivable in light of its other accomplishments, is in combat against other armed soldiers.”
  • Edge: 7/10 – “The campaign feels overlong and stretch marks begin to appear towards the end of the roughly 20-hour adventure.”
  • Destructoid: 8/10 – “The changes thrown into the game inevitably damage its charm, though, and make this a step down from its prequels.”
  • Kotaku: “NO” – “This isn’t how Dead Space should be remembered. Play 1 or 2 instead, and savor the happy (creepy) memories.”

We’re doing something a little different with our Dead Space 3, stay tuned.

The game is out on Friday in the UK.



  1. Pretty much as expected, possibly even a tad higher. I’ll still buy this when it comes down in price but I’m going in preparing to feel let down, and I lay that squarely at EA’s feet.
    Their incesant need to please as many genre lovers as possible in each game actually dilutes the contents of a game

  2. Everybody seems to thinkt that DS3 lacks tension but if the huge drill scene in the demo is anything to go by I’d say they still have some really (in)tense moments. Like always I don’t put too much weight on reviews and stick to my guts. Haven’t finished DS2 and the lack of local coop pushes me over to the “not buying it” camp anyways.

    • The drill bit annoyed the hell out of me.

      • I thought it was a clever way to build tension. You’re in a small confined space, constantly being attacked by necromorphs, trying to disable a freaking huge drill that’s trying to destroy you.

  3. EA. Ruining development studio creativity one sequel at a time.

    I’ll probably rent it at some point or get it from a bargain bucket somewhere. Shame really as the original Dead Space was excellent in almost every way and showed Capcom how survival horror should be done. The sad facts are that Viceral have now produced a game that seems to mimic Resident Evil in all the wrong ways instead of the right ones, and EA seem to be following the Capcom model for alienating and losing your long term customers.

  4. so MEH, to Ok then? can’t say i’m surprised.

    still, i’ll probably pick up a copy preowned in a couple of years when it’s going for like a fiver. ^_^

  5. Sounds like its gone the same way as resident evil. Hopefully resi’s lower than expected sales (and this not hitting ea’s targets I’m predicting) will see both games go back to survival horror and stop trying to attract the Call of Duty audience.

  6. You’re making it seem as if the reviews are awful, it’s getting 7s and above. I get that it’s moved quite a distance from its roots, which annoys me too (dismembering humans just feels wrong), but this is still a good game.

  7. Sounds like the 1st one is the best really. Might pick it up for cheap 1 day & just play the 2 player story online mode(because at least that is different & the demo was sort of fun that way)

    • I thought you hated every multi plat game? :O

  8. I’ll never part with 1 & 2. Ill still play this and add it to the collection. Seems we need a new surviv horror to take up the mantel. The Suffering reboot anyone?

  9. Feels a lot more like Mass Effect to me now. Definitely moved away from the likes of the previous games but I can see disadvantages to that (lack of tension) and advantages (more story and characters).

  10. Meh, seem like perfectly acceptable scores to me. We all knew this wasn’t going to be the best DS game as its the most mainstream. Doesn’t mean it won’t be enjoyable (particularly in co-op) – and this comes from someone who, up until recently, had dismissed the game, but *sigh* its Dead Space. I loved the first two games so I couldn’t say no ;D

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