The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Announced For PC / Next Gen

CD Projekt RED is working on a new The Witcher game. The new game in the much respected series will apparently offer a world 20% larger than Skyrim’s (it’ll take 40 minutes to cross the world on horseback) running on the studio’s new CDRED Engine 3 streaming tech.


It’ll still feature Geralt (who has had his memory restored), will dispatch with separate chapters and acts and will include everything from solving individual mysteries to slaying monsters, according to readers of the latest Game Informer magazine.

The game’s narrative comes in three layers – low level crafting and fighting, mid level individual storylines for each area and a single overarching plot for the entire game. The monster hunting sounds great – having to source information on monsters and seek them out, and combat sounds much more substantial and tactical.

Magic has been redone, with new spells and effects, and two new skill trees – Swordsmanship and Alchemy – are there, and the inventory system has been tweaked with your horse now much more capable of stashing items.

An open world, monster hunting, dark fantasy adventure? Yes please.

The Witcher 3 will be released on PC and “top-of-the-line” consoles, which sounds like it’ll be focused on PS4 and Xbox 720 to us. The magazine is available digitally to subscribers now.



  1. Awesome news. First 2 are in my all time top 10 of RPGs. The Witcher 2 is up there at the top of the best games I have in my collection.

    Genuinely excited for this which, these days, is an unusual sensation.

  2. The Witcher 2 was a great game on pc, the 360 port was really good as well. So i’m looking forward to this.

  3. I really hope this does appear on the PS4. This would be just one more reason to get one early in the lifecycle.
    I really don’t like western RPGs but I’m love with The Witcher (and TW2).

  4. I really hope this does appear on the PS4 as well.

  5. I like the idea of this coming to the PS4 but i hope they port the first two games otherwise i wouldn’t really be bothered picking it up as i would be missing out on so much of the story.

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