Aliens: Colonial Marines To Get “Bug Hunt” DLC Next Month

Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting post-release DLC in the shape of something called “Bug Hunt”, according to promotional material spotted at Walmart.


It’s not 100% clear what the DLC will be, but it’s likely to cost $14.99 and from the description – “team up with friends to take on waves of increasingly difficult enemies” – it sounds like Gears of War’s Horde mode to us.

The DLC will be available on March 19th, and is most likely part of the game’s Season Pass – the game itself releases next week.



  1. Wow DLC already, sounds like they held back a MP mode to release as DLC to me. How long before we dont get any MP in the box and have to pay for it instead?

    • I’d actually like that. Too many games have nobody playing online anyway.

      • Lol, why would you want to pay extra for a MP mode that should be in the game from the start??!!

      • I wouldn’t buy the mp, that’s my point. Many games have tacked on mp for the sake of it and don’t need it. Tomb raider, hitman, etc..

  2. Really getting annoyed by DLC being confirmed before such game releases. Still looking forward to the game.

  3. Shouldn’t people be paid to bug hunt? Arf!

  4. This is the co-op mode I’ve been waiting for them to reveal for months now. The fact that its DLC really annoys me. A game mode that should be in the release will cost me an extra £15? Forget it. I’ll buy the game when it comes down in price!

    Obviously the price and details haven’t been confirmed but if that is the case…

  5. So another game where they are already releasing DLC month and the game isn’t out. Not buying the game now until it comes down in price. Shame, their loss, not mine.

  6. Ahh jog on Gearbox.The only thing that could tempt me to get Aliens:C.M (after you tamed it right down from a very promising squad based affair to what looks like a bog std FPS set in Aliens universe with poor Alien behaviour A.I) was the prospect of playing online, but i’m NOT paying £60+ for that (XBL Gold+Game+DLC).

    By time game comes down in price, servers will be as dead as disco i’ll wager.

    Has it got a day 1 patch as well? seems to tick every other sodding box:

    ‘Special Editions’? Check.

    Painful development cycle? Check.

    DLC mentioned before game is even out? Check.

    Teaser trailers which make game look worse than feared?Check.

  7. trailer looked great.

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