Community Chronicle: 10/02/13

We start this week with a little play I’ve been working on:

Vita: “Hey! Wake up! Get up, you!”

Me: “Yes, yes, Mr. PlayStation Vita, I’m awake already! Calm down, would you?”

Vita: “Meow”

Me: “Eh? Oh right, I set your voice to ‘Cat’, didn’t I?”

Vita: “Indeed you did. So anyway… I see you woke up when I told you to, along with the rest of your Wake Up Club. Have a trophy.”

Me: “Hurrah!”


Obviously, I need to flesh out the character of Vita a little, but I think I’m onto something here.

Enough amateur theatrics for one day, it’s time to meet NemesisND1derboy’s new PC. Very new, in fact. He’s only had it since last week and hasn’t shut up about it since! (Love you really)

I ordered this PC from Overclockers UK, and it’s an absolute beast! The CPU is an Intel i5 3570k overclocked to 4.5GHz, and that’s running with 16GB of RAM, an SSD and a KFA2 Nvidia GeForce GTX 670. I’m running any game I want at 1080p60, and it’s awesome.

The monitor is a Dell S2240L IPS display, and again I’m really happy with it. Really elegant styling, nice and thin and it has amazing viewing angles because of the IPS tech. The mouse is a Logitech G700 which I’d highly recommend, it’s super comfortable and has the programmable G buttons to use as hotkeys. The keyboard is a Steelseries Shift keyboard, an awesome, comfortable keyboard that can be taken apart and folded up. Again, it’s got a set of programmable keys which is a big help in games like League of Legends.

Also blue fans. LOOK AT THE FANS.

It’s the blurry cam in the third photo that makes it all legit, as we all know. I’ve never really understood why people have their PC cases light up, though.

Kicking things off this week is Youles, finally ending his platinum trophy drought of 2013 with the platinum for Need for Speed: Most Wanted on PS Vita. Lucky for him, there’s a host of new games coming which he wants to play, so it looks like his hunting season has only just begun. Not to mention that he’s totally winning at life in general, baby boy style.

Sticking with the PS Vita, R1MJAW has himself a fastest platinum for Dokuro, a ghoulishly charming title, if the graphics are anything to go by. Meanwhile, the other fastest record is from Flexxible, who battled through the devilishly tricky final dungeon of Star Ocean: The Last Hope to finish off that particular Platinum.

I’ve myself been playing Hitman: Absolution, after picking it up during the week on PC, and am totally blown away by some of the graphical prowess it demonstrates. Of course, I can’t earn trophies there, but Wolf_OF_Chaos has just earned himself the platinum this past week, something which element666 hasn’t managed just yet, but he’s on the cusp of platinums for both Hitman and also PSASBR. In fact, he just needs to battle against a person on his friends list for the latter. Someone should give him a shout.

Kjkg has been finishing off a few games from 2012, taking home the trophies for both Dishonored and Far Cry 3, two of the biggest hitters from before the holiday. Meanwhile Flexxible has come in pole position securing himself the fastest platinum for F1 Race Stars.

Finally we return to the misadventures of Crazy_Del. This week he finally had the “tooled up” trophy in Crysis 2 stop glitching… or rather, it glitched out again, but this time in Del’s favour. It’s only taken him a total of 3 days, 17 hours and 8 minutes of online game time for it to show up, and now the Crysis 2 fastest platinum is back on the cards, especially after he polished off the Crysis 1 trophy list.

It was also somewhat remiss of me not to spot that Del got himself a new job last week. Congratulations!

As for the rest of you, maybe now would be a good time to quit employment and try to catch him up!


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  1. Haha the last part made me laugh Tef. Thanks for the mention again.
    Great write up as usual. I wanted to try the Wake Up club but I can’t hear alarms when sleeping. My wife just kicks me out off bed to go to work xD
    Shame for me though but a nice feature on Vita.

  2. I like the white PC Nemesis, very slick looking! And a trophy for getting up to go to work, hmmm, I can see a carrot-dangling coalition back-to-work scheme in the making….

  3. Bloody hell, the Star Ocean Platinum, congrats Flexxible, that must have been a touch one. I did love SO but I never put a lot of time in to even finishing it which is something I regret.

    Nice PC rig anyhow, very stylish design. I can’t stand massive cases with half a dozen vents, windows, nuts and bolts, or cases that look like they have a air plane engine on the front of them so that white one looks awesome and practical. Congrats.

    • *tough not touch.

      no perving and my typing is crap on this laptop keyboard.

  4. Yup, cracking PC spec and nicely designed although I think I’d prefer the USB slots on the front or side of the casing but that’s just nit picking anyway and pretty irrelevant.

    Grats on all the fastest plats guys, some good uns’ in there. Must admit I’m struggling to big up F1 Race Stars after being spoilt by the awesome Sonic all stars racing Transformed beforehand, it just feels a bit lacking and the omission of drifting is an utter abomination!

    • I started playing it the other day and its just not quite there. I agree that the lack of drifting does seem to spoil it at times.
      Quite enjoying some of the (too few) tracks though and the fact that some of the more iconic corners have been used. Eau Rouge being a prime example.

    • It’s a pity really because it has the ingredients to be great, but the recipe must have been wrongly translated.
      As it’s just an arcade karting game the severe understeer rather than controlled oversteer drift, half of the fun factor is lost……. for me anyway.

  5. Nice rig Phil, I love bitfenix cases, they look so good!

  6. Man my desk is messy as hell.

  7. The hell is that PC? Looks like something out of Portal.


  9. When i read the word “Steelseries” i actually thought it said “sterilises”,fuck me that’s brilliant what they can do with pc’s now.I haven’t got a clue when it comes to specs but it sounds awesome m8.

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