Sony Announces New YouTube App For PlayStation 3, Out Today

Sony Europe have today announced that there’ll be a new YouTube application for the PlayStation 3. From today, the YouTube application will be available as a free download via the XMB, in the ‘My Channels’ menu under the TV / Video Services icon.

Sony say the new app is “designed for the big screen and PS3 controls” and “has search tools to find videos faster and easier, the option to sign-in to see all your subscribed channels including official music videos, and the ability to control the app using your smartphone.”

The app can be paired with various smartphones. “Find a video on your phone and with a simple button press it’ll play on the big screen. While the video is playing you can control it from the phone, or keep browsing YouTube for the next one,” say Sony.


You’ll also note the new horizontal / vertical format that the app is showing off in the screenshots above, which looks like it makes navigating the myriad of menus pretty speedy and intuitive, and reminds us of something you might have seen before.




  1. Wonder if this is the same as the US version?

  2. anyone know if you can control the app from a vita?

    • Doesn’t sound like it, but I agree that they’d be missing a trick if they didn’t do that.

    • I was about to ask the same thing.

  3. Now if they would just release it for the whole Europe… :p

  4. The press release says you can “Fling videos to PS3 from smartphone or tablet” – wow :)

  5. Yeppy… I’ve just been using the US one for months.


    Much easier and faster than the YT app and you there are direct links to download the videos.

    • It really isn’t if you use a tablet or smartphone.

    • the only trouble with ps3youtube is that when youtube updates it stops working for a while.

      so far though the people behind ps3youtube have always managed to get it working again, sooner or later.

    • PS3youtube was one of my favourites, wasn’t working well for a while after the ps3 browser was changed six or seven months ago but i see it’s working again. The Gametrailer links stopped updating around the same time, which is a pity as those would stream the HD video to your screen (not in a window) as if you were playing off the hdd.
      It’s still a very handy website if you want to download any youtube vids to your ps3 hdd.
      ps3youtube is a quicker statup certainly and ideal if you just want to watch one or two videos but i don’t mind the slower startup of the Youtube App if i’m going to spend an hour or so watching my subscribed channels. It’s a shame the App doesn’t let you add channels or mark favourites/rate videos but on the whole it’s taken over as my youtube viewer.

      • *oops here’s the missing ‘r’, in case anyone needs it badly ;)

  7. Grabbed the one from the US ages ago.

    I found pairing up my phone with it pretty cool. Navigating YouTube on my Nexus & queuing vids up controlling it with a touch interface is a better user experience than searching, browsing, typing on a joypad.

    • ah, this is probably what i did then! Definately enjoy browsing and queuing from my phone, makes a nice controller for controlling music through youtube and playing through my stereo!

    • This had me really confused for a while there, I was trying to work out what was new as I didn’t remember having to go on the US store to get this app.

    • I actually reloaded the page as i thought i had somehow clicked my way into the TSA archives.. :)
      Ah yes, thanks for the reminder cc_star, i got it from the US too, i’m surprised it’s taken so long to release here. There’s been one or two updates to it also, which is odd because the updates were applied under my eu account.

  8. This looks exactly like the youtube app i was using on my PS3 last week?
    Whats the difference?

  9. I am stunned, utterly stunned. Almost the entire Scandinavia is left out, no Youtube app for Denmark, Finland and Norway, even though all of them are officially Youtube supported countries.

    Scumbag SCEE shitting all over the same countries again and again. I guess a Vita app is long way off.

    • Looks like it’s actually Google and not SCEE who are to blame and it’s coming soon for Denmark, Finland and Norway. Finally some good news for those three countries.

    • It sucks having to wait … but you could alway grab it on an alternate regional account in the meantime.

      • Such a chore for something so small. I’m glad it’s on its way, but every day of waiting is a day to much.

  10. Anyone else having no luck signing in on the app? Did the activation thing but nothing is happening…

    • Just entered code & waiting for a pop up(i guess,) while using app.
      I’ll let you know if i have any success.

      • I got it working in the end. Was using my smartphone brower to do it, switched to my laptop and it worked fine :)

    • cool… i used ps3 browser.
      will try the slow dinosaur downstairs, that’s the pc, not the mrs

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