WeView Verdict: Borderlands 2

Returning to Pandora seemed to split opinion, with some of you who shared opinions on Borderlands 2 finding it better than the original, and a near equal number feeling it didn’t quite live up to the high points that the original achieved. Borderlands was a great game, so it was always going to be tough for the sequel, but I’m surprised by how much this particular aspect of the game divided the crowd.

For example, parryman called it “BIGGER LOUDER [and] SHINIER” than the original, an opinion echoed by psychobudgie who felt it had a “Better script, better characters and better gameplay.” They were backed up by Roynaldo, who couldn’t grasp how anyone could prefer the original Borderlands to the sequel, which he said “Improved on [Borderlands] 1 in every way.”

[drop]On the other side of the fence we had aerobes who said that Borderlands 2 was “Certainly not as enjoyable” as the original. Although he absolutely loved the original, he “couldn’t even muster the desire to finish” Borderlands 2 saying it was “Oft times a chore” with “a script that tries too hard”. KeRaSh didn’t think it lived up to the original either, saying it “couldn’t awake that same addiction that BL1 awoke in me”.

It sounds like Stev_lewsey didn’t play the original so couldn’t compare the sequel, but he really didn’t get what all the fuss about the game was for. He felt that there was “no focus on the missions”, and they pretty much all boiled down to “head to a random spot and kill everything to progress”. He also complained that “There’s a lot of fetching and carrying to do and I really don’t seem to know what’s going on”, which seems like a reasonable reason to complain.

Moshbag had a more mixed opinion of the game, starting off by calling it “a great game with a well integrated co-op element”. However, they likened it to “a large banquet of chinese takeaway, the further I got in the less satisfying and more onerous it got.” That’s the best analogy I’ve seen in a while. Although they were keen when they started, as they dug in the enthusiasm waned and “another terrible ending” left them cold when they finally wrapped up the game with their co-op partner.

Moshbag’s comments on the game’s implementation of co-op were echoed by giantwoman, who found it a great way to spend time with her husband. Although she admits that she’s “not a fan of the FPS genre in general”, Borderlands 2’s co-op managed to bypass this and occupy enough of her and her husband’s time that sleep was forgotten on occasion; always the sign of a great game.

And with that slightly heart warming tale of married co-op out of the way, it’s time to turn to this week’s verdict. Once again it’s pretty clear cut, with Buy It gaining eleven votes, while Rent It only managed two. If you’ve been on the fence about Borderlands then it looks like it’s worth a buy.

As for this week’s poll, we say goodbye to top place Far Cry 3 and bottom place Scribblenauts Unlimited. Filing in their spots are Torchlight II and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. If you want to select your choice for next week’s WeView game then you’ve got until 11:59pm on Sunday to get your vote in.


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  1. I Bargain Binned it this weekend during the Steam Sale. I played it coop with friends and found it to be more diverse and interesting than the first. But I can’t seem to be bothered playing either one alone for some reason.

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