New GRID 2 Trailer Shows Off Barcelona, California, Chicago and Paris

Codemasters have released another trailer for their upcoming GRID 2, thankfully not another short teaser as this one is the first proper gameplay trailer since the game was announced last year. The video shows off some of the locations that’ll be present in the game, including Paris, Barcelona, Chicago, California and the Red Bull Ring.


It looks like the game is split into Street Racing, Track Racing and Open Road Racing – the section showing off the Chicago night racing is a particular highlight, but it’s looking pretty good all round.

The game will also feature World Series Racing. “It’s a new motorsport series that starts from the grassroots and grows into a huge Prime Time competition,” says Codemasters’ Ben Walke, “Racers from different disciplines – street racers, drifters, track racers and more – all come together in one global series, with each driver moving in and out of their comfort zone.”

Three modes have been revealed today. Race: “you know the deal, start fast, finish first and take home the glory”, Eliminator: “any racer that is in last position when the time runs out is eliminated from the race and the winner is the racer who survives”, and Checkpoint: “all about how you perform under pressure as you aim to cover as much distance as possible before the timer expires.”

The game is out at the end of May.



  1. It’s looking good. Not a fan of drifting but the other modes sound good, especially the World Series Racing.

  2. Looks good cant wait, but off topic loving the new mobile version of the site.

  3. Saw this at eurogamer & whilst i didn’t play the first one, this one won me over.

    Hopefully lots get it for meets. :)

  4. If its anything like the first one then this will be awesome, GRID has the best online racer of any game. Hope this has more in depth leaderboards though as I had some beast lap times on GRID that not even the greats could match!

  5. Oh god. They’ve kept the “melted butter” car physics where the back end just wobbles around whilst turning. This was the one thing that rendered the first game unplayable.

  6. I enjoyed the first one, hopefully I’ll get this one too. Have they released a full car list anywhere? Google only throws up a few forum ones.

  7. I’ve heard there’s no cockpit view in this game, Booo!

    • What! That’s pretty bad….I think Codies also dropped the view from DiRT3 to DiRT Showdown too. I wonder if it’s just laziness. Knowing Codies, it’ll probably be released as DLC with the Horn sounds.

      • Beep beep.
        Bit of a shame about the cockpit views, they were nice to look at. I don’t think I’ll miss them though, with my smallish telly I found they meant getting a bit too close to the screen so the bonnet view works a bit better.
        Hopefully drift events still feature, if they’re tacked on in extra DLC I’ll be upset!

      • I can’t say for definite, but i am pretty sure i saw people driving with cockpit view at eurogamer.

        That said, it was a while back & my memory isn’t exactly impressive, so i may well be wrong!

  8. Loved the first grid so defiantly will be picking this beauty up.

    • Not defiantly dam auto spelling gubbins definitely.

  9. Looks good, it’ll be Shift on acid probably so should be a good blast. ;)
    All that puzzles me is why nobody want’s to make PS3 Toca Touring cars racer anymore? Probably licensing shiz as usual dammit!

  10. looking forward to this…. i only borrowed the first grid from a friend for a couple of weeks but i really enjoyed… This is a launch day title for me… There looks to be plenty of mp stats available :) and with racenet 1.0 it should complement it well… im also hoping for a grid 2 Tsa Championship to be announced :)…. Driving genre on ps3 is really sparse, so this will be a welcome addition to some tarmac racing..

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