TSA Black Ops II League: The Teams

It’s the first week of the TSA Black Ops II League but before we get to the first fixtures we must first reveal the teams!

  • Team A: SpikeyMikey23, DeathByNumbers, Quinkill, Yourmumandme
  • Team B: Tonycawley, Hennerzcfc, thebezerka, APowerfulJedi
  • Team C: mynameisblair, wick15, james_m2603, Topgearsam
  • Team D: RyanHarris19, WOLF-OF-CHAOS, Bankzy108, yiddo
  • Team E: Person 678, Corbula, KillerScorp, Cr8zyhorse


This week will see Team A take on Team B, while Team C faces Team D. This means that Team E can have an early coffee break and watch the carnage ensue! Both matches will need to be played by Friday the 22nd February, with footage uploaded to YouTube as soon as possible.

This week’s action will take place in a game of Hardpoint on the map Hijacked. We’d like to ask that all teams participating this week attempt to take video footage of their match as the TSAN TC team attempt to put together the first broadcast.


Now for the hard bit. Organising a match to satisfy eight people can be a nightmare and we appreciate this. To make the job a little easier we have created “camps” for the teams to chat in and organise they’re games. The organisation shall occur in the “home” team’s camp, for example this week the matches shall be organised in Team A’s and Team C’s camps.

Each team can find their camp here.

Teams are also encouraged to come up with team names for the broadcasts. The only rule is to keep it clean! Good luck to all battling this week! Team E, enjoy your coffee break!



  1. Woo :)

  2. Hey I’m kinda happy with my team. Not sure how competitive we will be but I’m very familiar with both hennerz and bezerka. Good stuff!

    • I play almost exclusively with wick15, so I’m glad he’s on my team. Can’t wait to see how topgearsam and james_m2603 work too!

      • I smell conspiracy! I demand an independent investigation into the drawing of teams. Leaving no stone unturned. I elect Boris Johnson to lead said investigation. He will be ably assisted by spiderman.

  3. Looking forward to this – although if anyone adds me using the above, it’s not KillerScorp, but KillaScorp!

  4. Good luck guys. I never picked Black Ops 2 up. Probably best for you lot though as I’m shit!

  5. Is it not possible to lock access to a team forum thread to just members of that team?

    • how would we organise the games across teams, then?

      • Have a thread specifically for that that all teams can post to.

      • As noted in the article this would then just cause mass confusion as 16 people would be organising in the same thread. By having 5 separate threads and “Home” matches there is less confusion :) I’m sure if you want to talk tactics then that can be done across PSN messages or practice :)

      • It would be easier to have a separate ‘Tactical’ chat section for each team, then everyone in the team can see it and it can be there for later reference (if needed). For example teams can explain loadouts to each other and what score-streaks they use – doing that over a PSN message is to individuals really , and a right pain.

        Getting all your group together for the match may be tough let alone for practice so there is another problem. At least in a forum section people within the team can check back different times of the day and add to it rather than all being on at the same time or messing about with PSN messages. Would just be easier if you could implement sections but I know its a right pain for you. Thanks for setting this awesome league up and can’t wait to get playing with the team!

        P.S One last point is can you add PSN names to the original post so its easier for people to just look and add team mates – None of my team mates TSA ID is the same as their PSN ID (although mine is).

      • Bankzy108 hits the nail on the head really. I understand it’s not as simple as flipping a switch, but something like that would be appreciated.

  6. Or you could start a chat on confused.com.8)
    Sweet i’m more looking forward to the video footage than actually participating plus team ‘e’ get extra rest.And just to clarify you can’t use that as an excuse when you lose.

    • Every team gets an extra rest it just happens yours is this week :P

  7. really looking forward to this always play with teams on 360 but due to none of my mates on ps3 never really done it. hope all non team Bers die easily under my fire :L

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