Jetpack Joyride Downloaded More Than A Million Times On PS3 And PS Vita

Jetpack Joyride, the free to play PS Vita and PS3 game has been downloaded to more than a million PlayStation Network accounts, Halfbrick’s Phil Larsen has told TheSixthAxis.


The game, actually developed by Big Ant (Halfbrick did the original mobile version) has proved hugely popular, not least because users don’t need to pay for the core game – there are additional in-game purchases if players need a top-up.

“It’s been another incredible month for Jetpack Joyride,” said Phil. “Player support has been sensational, proving without a doubt that Barry Steakfries is a perfect match for the PS3 and Vita!”

“We want to extend a massive thanks to the dedicated team at Big Ant for bringing Jetpack Joyride to Sony’s passionate and thriving online community. Our amazing fans continue to exceed expectations, paving the way for more exciting releases further down the line.”



  1. If i had known it was one of those endless runner games it would only have been more than 999,999 downloads.. so there ;)
    Just not my kind of game, nice result for them though.

  2. Played this so much I’ve nearly unlocked everything without buying any coin packs! Its very addictive.

  3. It’s still a good game, Vita is probably the best place for it as you don’t have to obscure the screen if you use the rear touch pad.

    Never going to be a star attraction for me on it, but a nice little diversion if I don’t have much time to spare.

  4. Good, it’s a great game.

  5. Annoyingly I bought the mini version just before this version came out!
    I’m a big fan of Halfbrick and I really want more of their games to come out on Vita.

  6. Did they count how many people deleted it after a couple of tries? It seemed rather shoddily put together, automatically launching you into a game with no explanation or title screen on the first try (though I think they fixed that in a patch) and completely freezing on Vita on my third attempt. Combine that with dull gameplay and the fact that its free should come as no surprise! A few years ago it would have just been a Flash game played for a few minutes by school kids in IT lessons while the teacher wasn’t looking, not released on major consoles with paid microtransactions.

    In short, I don’t think it’s really my cup of tea :)

    • Yeah it had a lot of lag on my ps3. It’s an ugly little game that was constructed in a genius manner. The objective being similar to that of Facebook games, to keep you hooked offering a little something each run. I’m sure they’re fairly rich by now.

  7. it’s at many people’s favourite price, free.

    at that price, even if you don’t think you’ll like it, it’s worth downloading, and it’s not even very big, file size wise, so not a big waste of bandwidth even if you have very strict data limits.

  8. I fuckin’ love distance games and this is a lil gem. My eyes are tired nOw though so I had to turn it off

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