New PS4 Controller Shot Confirms Headphone Jack On Bottom

Different angle, different confirmation.

A new shot of the prototype PlayStation 4 controller has emerged this afternoon, and it’s from a much better angle. That little nub on the bottom which wasn’t clear before is now obviously a 3.5mm headphone jack, and it’s now clearer that there are two buttons next to the touch pad.

It also looks a little more svelte from this angle, and that touch pad looks a bit wider. About the same ratio as a 16:9 TV, perhaps? It’s all rather exciting, although by this time next week all this speculation will hopefully be lost in the ether – Sony will reveal the PS4 in full on Wednesday.

Sources: GameTrailers, GAF, Gaming Age, Twitter.


  1. Maybe that ‘touch pad’ bit is a ‘OLED’ screen that is not on??? (i can only dream) :P
    (bit small to be a screen tho) + It would be cool if the ‘PS’ icon button lit-up blue :P
    (hmm, my ideas are like Ken’s i.e expensive) :D

    + Oh well, bang goes Microsoft saying no one in the UK will know the PS4 is coming because on the front page(now) of ‘The Sun’ paper UK online is some PS4 News LoL:D

  2. It’s looking good, better than yesterday’s picture, but I’d still prefer the grips, D-pad and analog sticks to be styled like the old controller. Theres nothing wrong with what’s in the picture, I just think the styling is more about maintaining the PlayStation identity and not allowing the controller to appear more like the OnLive or Xbox pad rather than its Sony predecessors.

  3. Thumbsticks NOOOO ! Change it back to the current ones. Matt plastic looks cheap, design of the handles looks odd. Just looks bloody crap to me. I hope this dramatically changes.

    Not sure on the jack, in a way its not needed, but another, I can plug my headset straight into my controller without having to have bluetoothed headphones. Much easier and cheaper.

  4. OH DEAR…Microsoft…More ‘PS4’ News on the “” online UK paper, front page now LoL:D (+ i guess it will be in their paper tomorrow & The Sun paper to…) :P

  5. Damn this android keyboard lol on my bear its supposed to say in my beer..

  6. Not too fussed about what we end up with to be honest, though I appreciate how having a touchscreen and move tab could be used in games.

    As for the actual shape, I would prefer something even more clunkier. As much as I love my DualShock 3, its nimble form makes it so easy to drop.

  7. Just found this mock-up on reddit… I kinda like it.
    I agree though, this new picture shows the curves off more, I think I prefer the more angular controller we currently have, but the proof will be holding it really, you can’t tell a lot about how it will feel from the images really.

  8. I hope that’s a small touch screen on there and those joysticks aren’t final. Prefer the old design. Can’t see a Sony logo anywhere on it.

  9. Old joysticks would be better, I think those would be awkward. I also don’t like the shape the the grips, might be a bit uncomfortable.

  10. I’m guessing that if this is real, its just a 1st build for playtesting. So I’m sure things will change so I’m not going to love it or hate it until a official reveal. I also would think, or at least hope Sony sticks with bluetooth for a mic, going back to a wired mic is NOT something I expect from next gen.
    I will say this, if this turns out to be the final DS controller I’m going to be disappointed as it looks clumsy, bulky, and expensive to replace. Being a person who has to buy 2-3 controllers a year I really don’t want to drop $100 for a new official PS controller several times a year.

    • Fairly sure the shots are of the most recent devkits (and thus controller) – I’d imagine the revisions are mostly done.

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