New PS4 Controller Shot Confirms Headphone Jack On Bottom

Different angle, different confirmation.

A new shot of the prototype PlayStation 4 controller has emerged this afternoon, and it’s from a much better angle. That little nub on the bottom which wasn’t clear before is now obviously a 3.5mm headphone jack, and it’s now clearer that there are two buttons next to the touch pad.

It also looks a little more svelte from this angle, and that touch pad looks a bit wider. About the same ratio as a 16:9 TV, perhaps? It’s all rather exciting, although by this time next week all this speculation will hopefully be lost in the ether – Sony will reveal the PS4 in full on Wednesday.

Sources: GameTrailers, GAF, Gaming Age, Twitter.


  1. The ‘speaker’ on the front is probably a mic for cross chat and the headset will probably be used for the chat channel.

  2. The track pad will be great for browser based stuff and managing inventories etc. With the built in mic we may also have some speech recognition too on the XMB. Move will be better too, if we have dual camera capability as speculated, for pinpoint accuracy, and I bet the bar will change colour to show who’s who (player 1 = Red etc) or when health is getting low in FPS etc. One things for sure Feb 20 is going to be a date to remember.

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