Rumour: Gaikai To Stream PlayStation 3 Games Onto PlayStation 4

This morning a few of us were discussing Gaikai on Twitter: would it becoming to PlayStation? How would this be possible? The Gaikai website is, as you would expect, is rather vague about any plans, “Unfortunately, we cannot share any details at this point in time.”

Happily, though, other people are more than happy to fill in the blanks, like this rather old job advert from Sony: “Gaikai is leading the cloud gaming revolution, putting console-quality video games on any device, from TVs to consoles to mobile devices and beyond.” Other jobs also listing Gaikai for consoles and mobile devices can be found on Gaikai’s own website, ironically enough.


Further to this, a recently published article on The Wall Street Journal indicates quite clearly that the PS4 will stream PlayStation 3 games:

“Sony Corp. is planning to offer technology to stream games to its next video game console, people familiar with the company’s plans say, alongside other enhancements to bolster its position in the market,” says the paper, which is behind a pay wall.

“The new technology, to be unveiled Wednesday along with the new console, will allow users to play games delivered over the Internet, these people said. The streaming service, they added, is designed to use current PlayStation 3 titles on the new console.”

So that’s Gaikai for PS4 pretty much confirmed – but let’s go back to that original job advert, it says Gaikai will be available on ‘any device’ including mobile devices. If Gaikai is going to be streaming games to PS4 then it’s not going to take too much extra work to stream them to PS Vita as well.

Wednesday is going to be very, very interesting indeed.



  1. It will kinda suck if we have to buy PS3 games again just to play them on the PS4. Especially if there’s a futher subscription for Gaikai.

  2. You know you’ll be playing ps3 on the ps4 just like now we play ps1/2 games on ps3.It’ll be part of ps plus as they won’t really have that many new games.

  3. Combining this (very likely) rumour with the “PS4 will always record what you’re playing if you want it to” rumour, it could be that there’s an on-live-esque theatre where you can watch people playing their games live and jump straight into their game with your PS+ subscription that allows access to monthly-alternating PS3 and PS4 games to be streamed via the Gaikai service ;)

    There’s a lot that can be done with streaming games besides just playing them….the recording feature / live broadcast could give way to a complete gamers YouTube on PS4 ala Twitch.

  4. So instead of being able to play our PS3 games whenever we want without having to worry about lag and it disconnecting, we can worry about the service going down, pay a price for a laggy experience and boot up the PS4 with the intention of playing a PS3 game only to find out the service is down. I rather keep my PS3 then do that. Tis too early for a streaming game service as most people don’t have the speed or the data allowance to use it. That and chances are, some PS3 games will get taken down every month.

    • The idea is that they’re offering some sort of backward compatibility, surely. It means we can enjoy PS3 content on the newer console.

    • Its also a nice sneaky way to get us accustomed to always on DRM.

  5. But what if the PS3 streaming service is included in your 3 monthly/annual PS plus subscription?

    A lot of people have been very happy with PS plus (myself included), and including this as part of our sub will make subscribing even more of a no brainer, and will make what is a fantastic service even more irresistable

    and if all the game saves stored in the cloud can also carry on being used (thus meaning those with a backlog can still get their games finished on ps4), then the whole streaming thing suddenly makes perfect sense

    I’d be willing to bet this will be exactly what they do, and if so, I’ll be very happy indeed and will get PS4 as soon as it launches

  6. So this could:
    1. Sort some level of backward compatibility out
    2. Allow off TV play on the vita
    3. Allow me to play a game on PS4, hit Starbucks and pick up on my Vita.

    If they enable digital PSN and PS3 games to be streamed FOC if you bought them on the store it would be even better. Also great for demos and possibly help with Vita storage by offering a stream / local choice for some games.

  7. I’d like to see Sony/Gaikai attempt to stream Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas. Those games lagged badly when played directly from the disc.

  8. Can’t SONY just do 2 versions of the PS4???
    i.e 1 version with FULL PS1/2&3 disc playback(i.e it will be more expensive) & 1 with no PS1/2&3 playback???(i.e a CHEAP-ASS one for all the moaners out there) :D
    Then EVERYONE would be happy no??? ;)
    But saying that i wanted them to do that this Gen :-( i.e bring out a PS3 with FULL PS1(well it does the PS3)&PS2 disc playback. Oh well.

    • It’ll never happen but it’s a great idea! When they did the super slim PS3 it would have been wonderful to have an emotion chip bolted in for 100% backward compatibility. I suppose we were spoilt with the PS2, it’ll never be matched again.

  9. I just wish they’d patch all first-party PS3 games to work with Vita Remote Play! I just bought flOw, Flower and Journey and would love to be able to play Flower on my Vita via Remote Play!

  10. I can’t for the life of me understand why people are so desperate for backwards compatibility in the PS4.

    With PS2 games I could kind of understand, as the PS3 offered a chance to play them upscaled and smoothed to 16:9 in high def (720p). The PS3 had HMDI and the PS2 didn’t, but the PS4 won’t offer that kind of leap. The PS4 won’t be able upscale anything unless you own a 4K TV, and I’m pretty sure those 5 people can live without it.

    Here’s a crazy idea, if you currently have a PS3 and a heap of PS3 games you want to play in the future just KEEP YOUR PS3. Not exactly rocket surgery is it?

    As for newcomers to PlayStation who want to try older games, sure the streaming thing might be a great way to dabble with little additional outlay, but with the lag and visual fidelity issues of streaming I’ll personally stay well away.

    • By the time the PS4 I will have had my PS3 for six long years, in that time it’s had a hard drive change and has the dust cleaned out of it’s innards a couple of times, overall it’s been fairly well looked after, but it’s starting to make some worrying noises and has the occasional crash, in short, I’m not sure how long it’ll last. When it finally croaks, there’s plenty of games I’d still like to play, LBP, Just Cause, Uncharted and MGS to name just a few. I’m not gonna be looking to have these upscaled to 4K or 3D, I’m just going to want to play them

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