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News Snatch: InFamous: Second Son, Watch Dogs And SimCity

Further Tomb Raider action from Square Enix, this time the video focuses on how to beat people up in a lady-like fashion.

This is rather interesting, could the love-in between Activision’s Call Of Duty and the Xbox be over? Battlefield 4 was recently shown to a rather indiscreet crowd from Gamestop which Frank Gibeau confirmed to be true and went on to reveal Battlefield 4 will be released on Next Gen consoles.

So far, so predictable, but in January EA told investors to expect to see some Battlefield 4 stuff “in the next 90 days” and keen mathematicians will note that 90 days from January is April, the month in which we expect the next Xbox to be revealed.

I’m not sure the Internet can retain cohesian if the Xbox 720 is revealed with Battlefield 4 as its lead third party FPS rather than Call Of Duty.

Whilst ShopTo seem to think PS4 games will cost a tenner more, the Americans are sticking to the $60 price point, at least that’s according to Jack Tretton. He told CNBC that the PS4 “will offer games with prices ranging from $0.99 to the more traditional $60 range.”

Cole will not be returning for inFAMOUS: Second Son, MichaelM, a QA Manager from Sucker Punch’s official community forums said “Cole MacGrath’s legacy from the first two inFAMOUS titles ultimately concluded following the final events of inFAMOUS 2 and he will not be returning.”

New lead character Delsin “will have smoke powers in Second Son but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. He’s capable of so much more than you saw in the announce trailer.”

Anybody who has completed inFAMOUS 2 will know (and I’m going to be very vague here to avoid spoilers) of a teaser indicating that the story may not be over so perhaps Cole may make an appearance in the game.

WatchdogsWatch Dogs is all about hyperconnectivity. To me, that has to mean all the time and anywhere. So yes, other people are out there all the time, when you don’t expect it. Whether you’re playing single-player or multi player it’s happening,” said Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin.

What no one realised is that that PS4 demo had some of the ‘hyperconnectivty’ in it. At the end of the video a security camera is being hacked and that was another player, “There’s more detail to come on that,” confirmed Jonathon.

The box art for the game has also been revealed, it’s over there on the right.

The makers of Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit , Arkedo, have decided to shut up shop. “It has been decided to disband the team when there still was enough money to get good conditions for everyone, rather than replace permanent positions with interns and a bad atmosphere,” wrote co-founder Aurelien Regard.

The studio has finished two further titles which will be released before the doors finally close.

More closures with, and to be wound up by Ziff Davis who recently acquired the IGN network of sites. The company is selling off its sports website and “IGN’s role going forward will be to broadcast and cover a variety of eSports events.”

And Finally, the rather delightful prospect of the original creator of Sim City, Will Wright, interviewing Ocean Quigley the Creative Director of the new SimCity.


  1. “He told CNBC that the PS3”. Do you mean ps4 tuffcub?

    • lets hope he does mean PS4. ugh.

      • Yeah, I’ve read the quote somewhere else and it mentioned the PS4.

      • Oh shush. Its like when we move from 2012 to 2013, you have to allow a few weeks of everyone getting the date wrong. Same thing for PlayStations :)

    • yep, that was a typo I missed in the edit. All fixed now :)

      • Haha I’m still messed up with the date. It doesn’t help that I work with Americans who write 2/25 for todays date not 25/2. Not too much of a problem until early in the month when 3/2 and 2/3 makes you lose whole months!

  2. I’m a little disappointed by the generic Watch Dogs box art. I was hoping for something more artistic. I quite liked the minimalistic style of the long intro from the initial E3 showing.

    • Meh, boxart, smoxart. As long as the game is good.

  3. Would be slightly annoyed if Xbox 720 had first dibs and timed exclusive crap on there first. EA wouldn’t be taking more money for nothing would they?? Oh of course they would.

  4. EA wouldn’t let BF become an exclusive, BF sells too many copies and the sales have been increasing so the price MS would have to pay would be outrageous. I’m thinking that the 720 architecture is so close to the PC that its a quicker to port to the 720, so there’s something ready to show. I don’t even know if dice have enough people to develop BF4 for the PS3, 360, PS4, 720, and PC all at once.

    Also its important to note the GDC- game developer conference is scheduled for the end of March and dice has revealed BF news there before.

  5. 1Up and GameSpy are closing? I feel a large game of monopoly in the works…..Watch out TSA! ;)

  6. I would rather see BF being Xbox’s lead FPS, but that’s only because I’m a COD fan. In a perfect situation, neither console would have preferential treatment, the exclusivity stuff just annoys 1 side of gamers and doesn’t really benefit the other apart from bragging rights that they’ve got the DLC first.

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