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ShopTo Price The PlayStation 4 And Games

Shop.To has become the first retailer to list PlayStation 4 games for sale and the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for the titles seems to be £10 higher than PS3 titles, meaning new releases will cost £59.99 rather £49.99.

Of course most UK retailers discount games by around £10 which is why we are used to a £39.99 price point for PS3 games. ShopTo are discounting PS4 releases by 19% which means Diablo III, Second Son and Drive Club can be pre-ordered for £48.85.

Judging by the preview we have seen, the PS4 games are extremely detailed – doubtless costing more to produce – so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the games cost more to purchase.

We will have to wait and see if Activision stay in line with everyone else as they moved the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Call Of Duty: Black Ops II up to the £59.99 RRP.

The online retailer has also listed the PS4 console with a wallet numbing £399 price tag, pricey but still £25 less than the cost of a PS3 at launch. ShopTo list the RRP for the console as £449.

Obviously, this is all subject to change but it gives us a good starting point for discussion.

Source: ShopTo


  1. They’re just covering there arses, they can always put prices down but putting prices up is tricky with pre-orders.

  2. PS4 is number 1 in there preorder chart as well.

  3. I think the prices of the next gen might finally push me back to PC gaming. It’s more expensive but that gap is narrowing and the games are cheaper (especially with the likes of Steams sales etc)

  4. With all respect to ShopTo, they’ve no idea how much games and the console will cost.

    • They probably priced so it could be pre-ordered. When I ordered last night it had ‘subject to change”.
      I think they did the same with PS3, a price guess until it was announced by Sony.

  5. I’ve put money aside already, hopefully enough for the console and a game!

    • Same here. Got enough for the new console and a couple of games come release day, maybe more if I trade in the old PS3.

      • Yeah I’m thinking about getting rid of one of on PS3’s too. Hopefully enough for a second controller, as you say, aswell :)

  6. I’ll be pre-ordering one as soon as I have the option, I hope that it doesn’t get near Shopto’s hypothetical £449 though… You do have to wonder how much all that lovely technology is costing…

  7. Ouch if that’s the cost, I will stream & rent games

  8. placeholders, aren’t they? Easy to bring down, hard to put up so ShopTo (and others) will be covering the top end of possibilities.

    I expect launch prices like the Wii U’s – £50 in shops. Then I hope they end up at the £40 mark again within a few months.

    • Let’s hope so. In today’s market it’s not exactly wise to put already expensive console games up as mobile game prices stay low.

  9. Just spent all my savings on a new car after writing it off at the weekend. Dammit, no going out for me for a while whilst I boost my saving back up then

  10. Obviously all guess work at this point.
    Providing I can get the console, Killzone and a second controller for around £400 that would be ok for me. Hopefully its a little cheaper than that so I can squeeze Drive Club in there too ;)

    • £400 with a game will stil be cheaper than the PS3 on launch day.

      • Yes! I still remember walking in Argos and picking up a PS3, second controller, Resistance and Motorstorm for £500. Given I paid for it in cash as I didn’t have a bank card at that point, talk about tension! lol

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